From the inception of the Temple, our core philosophy was to ensure that we provided an atmosphere of genuine care and compassion. We firmly believe that a compassionate healing environment is an essential component of the overall healing process. While it takes courage to work with ayahuasca, if we don’t feel safe, our survival instinct will often bring a strong resistance to the process both in and out of ceremony.

One of the keys to effective healing with ayahuasca is surrendering to the process, and trusting in the healer, the medicine, the facilitator and the general healing environment. We need to move away from fight and flight to a place of allowing and trust. Compassion is essential to carry and support deep healing experiences.

Typically we run from difficult and uncomfortable emotions in day-to-day life, but working with ayahuasca is an opportunity to work through, face and integrate what lies hidden at the core of our difficulties. If you do not feel safe enough to be vulnerable, tender, raw and open, then often autonomic self-defense mechanisms take over and block the healing process – disabling your ability to face and witness the shadow material that rises to the surface when working with ayahuasca.

“Compassion is a necessity, not a luxury” – The Dalai Lama

Being compassionate about our guests’ healing journeys does not mean we attempt to ‘take away’ your suffering or reduce the hurt, but instead provide a space to see the truth that is buried in the subconscious. Ayahuasca helps to bring up the truths that are buried and suppressed so they can be integrated and released.

Some of time, the truth is painful or scary; this is why it has been suppressed. Healing in a compassionate environment supports you to tolerate the hurt and fear. By facing and being open to witness the truth within, the pain will eventually be integrated and released. A compassionate environment allows guests to feel safe enough to surrender and allow themselves to see the truth. Where there is no compassion, there is no trust.

As a healing center, the Temple is devoted to providing an attentive and reassuring setting that allows guests to feel safe, without fear of judgement or criticism. We gently encourage guests to become intimate with their shadow, to face any fears that arise and embrace change. We help guests understand that true healing and integration is not about feeling better, but better feeling.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity” – Hippocrates

All our healers and facilitators have been through the challenges and difficulties of true shadow work over many years of deep healing. It is from this experience that they are able to offer authentic compassion, kindness, empathy and a sincere willingness to help others. We treat our guests how we would have liked to have been treated during our own healing process, paying attention at all times to your emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.