An Insight into the Operations and Guiding Principles of the Temple

Temple of the Way of Light

The Temple is a socially and environmentally responsible organization that puts people and the planet before profit, operating with integrity, and a central focus on reciprocity in the Amazon

  • We deeply honor and respect the plant-spirit medicine traditions of the Amazon.

  • We are committed to ethical operations and embodying a high level of integrity in everything we do.

  • We are committed to improving the quality of life of everyone who visits or works at the Temple.

  • We contribute to a better society and integrate Amazonian social and environmental concerns in our operations.

  • Surplus revenue outside our extensive operational expenses and development costs is used to fund outreach programs through our sister nonprofit organization, the Chaikuni Institute.

“The gold-standard for plant medicine healing and spiritual growth”

Michael Haaren

The Temple Infrastructure and Overheads

We have expanded our infrastructure significantly since the Temple’s inception at the beginning of 2007 when we started with five buildings.

We are located in an extraordinarily beautiful jungle setting, two hours from Iquitos, in the Peruvian Amazon. Our grounds are filled with thousands of medicinal plants, medicinal and fruit trees, ayahuasca vines, native flowers, and ornamentals, as well as permaculture projects, fish farms, agroforestry plots, and our own food production sites.

The Temple now consists of over 50 buildings spread out across three separate centers; one main center dedicated to ayahuasca retreats; and two permaculture centers, one of which is the headquarters for the Chaikuni Institute’s permaculture & regenerative agriculture program.

We have on average around 70 people working for the Temple, 15 Shipibo who come from the Ucayali region and around 50 local people who are from the surrounding villages. Our local staff is paid considerably higher than standard wages in the area and receive social benefits that are uncommon in the Amazon Rainforest.

We care deeply about our staff’s welfare and cover critical health issues, national healthcare insurance, pensions, and pay 15 monthly salaries per year to each member of the team.

In addition, we provide extensive support to our local village, have built a clean-water source for the local villagers, and contribute monthly to general upkeep and infrastructure maintenance. The Temple is now the main economic driver in the area, indirectly supporting the families of our workers, over 500 people all together. We also have an administration office in Iquitos, with six staff.

“The Temple is of the highest degree of integrity” 

Eric Latch

Temple Financial Overview

Full Time Salaries and Taxes: Salaries paid to 50 full-time staff, two extra monthly salaries each year, taxes, and social security payments including health insurance

Part Time Salaries: Salaries paid to local part-time staff (porters and building crews)

Admin and Operating Costs: General operating costs including bank fees, transportation costs, office rent, office supplies, communications costs, legal fees, accountancy fees, licenses, permits, and income taxes

Food: Total cost of purchasing supplies for our kitchens
Ayahuasca and Medical Plants: Total cost of all medicinal plants and peripheral supplies for healing activities

Operating Supplies: Everything from cooking gas to toilet paper

Building Supplies: Development and maintenance of Temple infrastructure

Outreach Programs: The Chaikuni Institute (2013 to present) and Alianza Arkana (2011 to 2014)

Debt Repayment: Repayment of loans

Getting Here

The Temple of the Way of Light is located in the Amazon basin, in the Loreto region of Peru, a few hours journey by bus, boat, and hike from the city of Iquitos.
In order to come to the Temple you would need to fly into Iquitos International Airport in Iquitos, Peru. All flights to Iquitos are via Lima, Peru. We recommend booking your flights for one day before and after the start and end date of your retreat to first allow yourself time to acclimatize to the environment and then allow yourself ample travel time and time to reintegrate into the “mainstream” world once the retreat has ended.

**Please do not book flights or make any travel arrangements until your registration and medical information has been reviewed and you have been approved to attend a retreat.**

Each retreat group will be picked up on the first morning of the retreat at a designated pickup location in central Iquitos by one of our staff members and then travel to the Temple together from there. The group will be brought back into Iquitos after breakfast on the last morning of the retreat and will arrive in town by early afternoon (usually 2pm at the latest).

The price of a Temple retreat includes transportation from the group pickup place in Iquitos to the Temple on the first morning of the retreat and transportation back to Iquitos on the last morning of the retreat. The price does not include any flights, hotel costs, or transportation to the group pickup on the first morning
By Dates
By Program
  • 12 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 3,900

    Living in Alignment: Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

    The backbone of our work and regular retreat offering, providing an immersion in traditional Shipibo plant-spirit healing complemented with yoga classes, individual and group support, and powerful methods of self-inquiry.
  • 12 Days + 5 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 5,100

    Ayahuasca Healing Retreat + 5-Day Integration Retreat

    NEW OFFERING – a 12-Day ‘Living in Alignment’ Ayahuasca Healing Retreat with the opportunity to stay on at the Temple for a 5-day Integration Extension Retreat. Available in April, July, and October 2024.
  • 12 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 3,900

    Women’s Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

    For this retreat we will be working exclusively with female facilitators and female support staff. There is something very special that happens when a group of women come together to heal! To be held from April 16th to 27th, 2024 and November 26th to December 7th, 2024.
  • 12 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 3,900

    Queer Ayahuasca Retreat

    This special queer retreat will provide a safe, welcoming, and caring environment where participants can feel comfortable being who they are. Shipibo healing will be complemented with Compassionate Inquiry sessions. To be held from October 25th to November 5th, 2024.
  • 14 Days
    5 Ceremonies
    $ 2,000

    Traditional Plant Dietas at Shipibo Rao

    We are honored to support Maestro Jose Lopez Sanchez and his healing center, Shipibo Rao. Maestro Jose runs 14-day dietas working in the Shipibo tradition.
    Visit Shipiborao's website to book
    Go to website