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Temple of the Way of Light
At the Temple, we are dedicated to supporting your ongoing integration process following your retreat. Our new offerings are designed to assist past guests of the Temple, regardless of when your last retreat occured.

Our intention is to co-create an online community for Temple guests to share the journey of integration with each other and to provide you with ongoing support, guidance and connection with the Temple, our facilitators, integration specialists, and Shipibo Onanyabo (wisdom keepers/healers) for as long as you want and need!

We aim to support you in maximizing the opportunity for ongoing healing, self-transformation, and spiritual awakening. We will bring the Temple team’s love, care, and mastery, which you experienced on retreat, into an active and inspiring online community.

By joining The Temple Community, you access our New Integration Program!
ayahuasca community & integration program

The Temple Community - A Safe Space of Connection and Support

We will come together in this space because we are willing to keep doing the hard, ongoing work and to ask the challenging questions. We long to share our voices, speak our truths, and continue to have the opportunity to be witnessed by our fellow guests, brothers and sisters on the journey of awakening. This sense of community is healing in and of itself.

Our Community Space is hosted on Mighty Networks, a platform that integrates content and community connection seamlessly.

By signing up for the monthly or annual subscription, you will gain access to:

  • Regular live 90-minute monthly group integration calls with Temple facilitators and integration therapists. (When there is enough demand, we will then offer group integration calls every week)
  • Regular 60-minute live events with Temple integration experts, staff, and special guest speakers.
  • Live interviews and Q&As with genuine, advanced-level Shipibo healers (from the Temple).
  • Master Classes on various topics related to integration, healing, and alignment.
  • Regular movement 60-minute classes with Yoga and Qigong teachers.
  • Access to recorded content (events and learning sessions) if you cannot attend live. Note: group integration circles are not recorded.

Benefits of Joining the Temple Community Space and Integration Program:

  • Engage and connect with other Temple guests who have shared similar experiences at the Temple and in your integration process.
  • Receive ongoing, live support and guidance from Temple facilitators – the most highly trained and experienced ayahuasca facilitators in the ayahuasca ‘scene’! 
  • Learn tools and exercises to help deepen your healing and support your integration process.
  • A catalyst designed to facilitate and encourage the process of bringing the powerful healing received during the retreat into your life.
  • (Re)connection with the teachings and your healing experience at the Temple.
  • A pathway and support with prioritizing what’s most important to you.
  • Ongoing inspiration to create and live an aligned life.
Join The Temple Community today.
The Temple Integration Program - Navigating the Ceremony of Life

The Temple Integration Program - Navigating the Ceremony of Life

This program covers the most critical aspects of integration, including maintaining commitment, trust, and sacredness in daily life.

Your experience with the medicine might have been life-changing, deeply spiritual, or physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. You may have felt stretched in many ways, had revelations, gained clarity, made new friends, and experienced deep connections.

So much can happen during your time at the Temple. Now what? How can you make these teachings and experiences alive in your daily life? You might be asking yourself some or all of the questions below and facing these challenges:

  • How do I maintain my devotion to the spirits and the higher intelligence that guided me in a ceremony, and how can they continue to guide me in my life
  • How do I strengthen the trust in myself that I might have felt so clearly in ceremonies?
  • How do I tap into the sacredness of every moment and every breath in my daily life?
  • How do I continue to remind myself and stay aware of what is most important in my life as it unfolds at such a crazy, fast pace?
  • How do I harness and alchemize challenging and complex moments in my life?

Our new Temple Integration Program will create and curate a safe space to explore these questions and cultivate powerful practices to keep you guided and growing on this path.

Join Online Integration Program: July 8th – October 5th

This program is unique in its depth and offerings, stemming from the deep experience attained by the course leaders – Juliana, Publio, and Dr Sarah – in their respective fields. 21 hours of live teachings and community integration support via 9 x group live Zoom calls, Integration Circles and Q&As spread over three months covering the most critical aspects of integration following an ayahuasca retreat at the Temple.

Program Details:

  • 6 x live 90-minute classes on the most foundational themes directly related to the Integration, taught by Juliana Bizare and Publio Valle, both senior retreat facilitators,  integration therapists of the Temple, and long-term students of the Shipibo healing traditions
  • 3 x  live 90-minute classes with Dr. Sarah Marshall, naturopathic physician, holistic health coach, and student of the Shipibo healing traditions.
  • Powerful ritual to intentionally embark on this journey together.
  • 3 x 60-minute Q&A sessions at the end of each block of three modules.
  • Weekly assignments after every class.
  • Practices, guided meditations, and journaling prompts to support integration in daily life.
  • Community space to connect, share, and ask questions, facilitated by a Temple facilitator.
  • 3 x 90-minute Integration Circles at the end of each block of three modules.
  • Classes will be recorded, and you can watch them at your own pace. However, faces and names will not be recorded.


What Makes the Temple Integration Program Unique

This transformational program specializes in ayahuasca and plant-spirit healing and integration, based on our extensive experience with over 15,000 retreat participants. This program is ultimately sourced by the Shipibo wisdom keepers, the plant spirits, and the Amazon Rainforest itself! 

Our team members carry plant-spirit dietas, an ancient Amazonian system of healing and training that is unfortunately extremely rare within the modern / Western ‘psychedelic renaissance’. We complement this with modern therapeutic methods like Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi, Compassionate Inquiry, Yoga therapy, and Mindfulness.

Following the principle of an acorn transforming into an oak tree, this integration program is the result of 18 years of growth, challenges, deep learning, and evolution—we do not know of any other integration program that offers this level of wisdom and experience, specifically related to the integration of ayahuasca / plant-spirit healing.

Meet Your Facilitators

  • Públio Valle

    Senior Retreat and Integration Facilitator

    Públio Valle

    Senior Retreat and Integration Facilitator

    During a trip to Peru many years ago, Públio discovered Shipibo ayahuasca curanderismo and the experience reoriented the direction of his life. He has now come full circle, and facilitates Temple guests before, during, and after retreats.

    Públio was born in Brazil and has dedicated his life to meditation, yoga, and ayahuasca for over 15 years. He earned a degree in Yoga Therapy at Swami Vivekananda University in Bangalore, India, where he also worked at a Yoga Hospital. He trained in meditation in several traditions while in India, completed an Indian Psychology Course in Pondicherry, and studied meditation at Pa Auk Monastery in Burma. He worked as a volunteer for two years at the Alice Project School, an institution that teaches dharma and meditation inspired by Tibetan wisdom to children.

    Since his first encounter with ayahuasca in Peru with the Shipibo in 2004, he has also worked with the medicine with different traditional groups in Brazil, including Santo Daime. He has been working at the Temple since 2014 as a facilitator, yoga and meditation teacher, Integration Therapist, and more recently, as General Manager, and is currently training in Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Maté.

    Having experienced the deep and rich processes that ayahuasca ignites within, Públio has a sincere commitment to share the teachings of the jungle and of ancient traditions, and to promote health and well-being in all dimensions of human life.

  • Dr. Sarah Marshall, ND

    Medical Advisor and Integration Facilitator

    Dr. Sarah Marshall, ND

    Medical Advisor and Integration Facilitator

    Dr. Sarah Marshall is an internationally renowned Naturopathic Physician, Intuitive Counselor, Speaker, and Author. She is also the host of the beloved podcast, created out of her commitment to amplify the stories and methodology of true healing.

    Graduating with honors in research from the National University of Natural Medicine in 2009, Sarah’s approach to medicine has always been grounded in alignment with the laws of nature to heal illness at its root through food as medicine, physiologic detoxification, homeopathy, and energetic herbalism. Her journey into becoming a practitioner of the healing arts began over 22 years ago when she began training as an energy healer in the Berkeley Psychic Institute methodology where over 7 years she acquired over 500 hours of practice. 

    While in her first decade as a doctor, Sarah expanded her skills beyond the physical becoming a coach and program leader in transformational ontological coaching. Inside this work she honed her abilities to listen and heal from a space of emptiness, sharpening her intuitive gifts with the powerful structure of ontological inquiry.

    Born in the United States, Sarah has a gypsy’s heart, having traveled extensively throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. She has always been drawn to the indigenous healing traditions of the places she explores. Well-versed in Western herbal and energetic medicines, she was called to sit in ceremonial practice with Ayahuasca for the first time in 2019. Over the past five years, she has deepened her healing through a multitude of ceremonial practices birthed from the Amazon Basin, leading her to her first retreat at the Temple of The Way of Light for the Change Makers program in the fall of 2023.

    Her calling is people are magic! Her ultimate intention of her work is to activate and amplify individuals’ innate ability to heal. Her vision for the world is people living in partnership with the creative forces of life, expressing love, in harmony with nature.

  • Juliana Bizare

    Coordinator, Senior Retreat and Integration Facilitator

    Juliana Bizare

    Coordinator, Senior Retreat and Integration Facilitator

    Juliana ’s first spiritual experience was a journey with Ayahuasca in the Santo Daime tradition, in Brazil in 1995. During this experience a whole new world opened up to her, the world of the plants and their sophisticated healing powers.

    A few years later she started travelling the world and learn about other ancient traditions immersing herself in dharma centers and ashrams in Asia and the USA, like Tushita Dharma Center in India, Kopan Monastery in Nepal and Spirit Rock in California. She also lived in a healthy community/ school in Brazil – University of Light for a couple of years, where she graduated in Transpersonal Psychology.

    She has also been deepening her knowledge of the Plants through Dieting different Master Plants with the Lopez Sanchez Family (Maestras Ynes, Laura & Maestro José), in the Shipibo Tradition.

    For the past 20 years, Juliana’s true passion has been the study and integration of the Eastern practices of Yoga and Mindfulness into the work with Sacred Plant Medicines and different modern psychological approaches, with the focus on renegotiating our traumas and rewriting our own life narratives.

    She has now supported hundreds of people before, during and after their medicine journeys. Through her own experience with the medicine, she has gained a clear understanding of the importance of the integration process. To be able to support people in a more holistic way, she also trained in the Compassionate Inquiry approach with Gabor Maté and a 3-year training on Somatic Experiencing by Peter Levine, a powerful body-centered approach. For the past seven years she has been working at the Temple, and also working online as an Integration Facilitator.

    Her goal is to empower people to feel safe in their bodies, integrate trauma and all different parts of our human experience, so people can have clarity on their path and purpose in life.

Integration Program Modules - Live Calls

All Calls start at 10:00 am PDT, 1:00 pm EDT, 7:00pm CEST.

  • Perspectives on Integration with Publio Valle - July 8th

    Why is there such an emphasis on integration in the West? You have likely gone through a life-changing experience, and that happened in a different culture than yours. After the retreat, you return to a society that does not necessarily support your new ways of being and sensing the world. Many of us might feel alone, sometimes even questioning if we are doing something wrong or not integrating our healing correctly. 

    In this module, we’ll explore our leading associations and expectations about integration to normalize and celebrate your experience. We will look into the different domains of Integration and how that applies to your daily life and relationships. We will also learn to recognize “I am always supported”  and how to cultivate practices to navigate your new and stronger sense of self.

  • Tests as the Essence of Plant Spirit Teachings with Publio Valle - July 18th

    It is very common for participants to report that life is getting more difficult after a retreat. In this module, we will better understand what “tests” are and how to navigate them in a way conducive to deepening our process.

    In curanderismo – plant spirit healing – the pruebas are seen as the fundamental way that we learn what’s aligned and what’s not aligned in our lives. They are often the core teachings on the path of awakening.

  • Life Architecture, Structures Crumbling, Compensations with Publio Valle - July 28th

    Our lives are generally built on a foundation of traumas and unconscious material that are not well processed until we dive deep into the work with medicine. After a retreat, we may perceive that our work makes no sense any more, addictions become more uncomfortable, our relationships might become more difficult, or we simply struggle to find inspiration in the context where we are. 

    In this module, we will explore in depth what is called “Structures Crumbling”, the compensations through which we’ve been acting, and the core beliefs we carry behind all of this.

  • Q&A Session - July 30th

    Join a group call with our experienced facilitators and Shipibo healers.

  • Integration Circle - July 31st

    Join an integration circle with our experienced facilitators and Shipibo healers.

  • Collaborating with the Divine through IN-bodiment with Dr Sarah Marshall, ND - August 12th

    How would you describe your relationship if your body were a family member?  Do you love each other? Do you hate each other? Do you even talk? How we have been trained to relate to our bodies from cultural and familial imprinting is to mostly power through and ignore. 

     In this module, we will uncover the many ways our body can be one of our greatest guides to wholeness, health, and fulfillment by learning to listen to its signals and reinterpreting our symptoms to uncover the ancient wisdom we all hold within.

  • Physiologic Detoxification and Purification of Our Divine Bodies with Dr Sarah Marshall, ND - August 19th

    Working with ayahuasca is working with an ancient plant medicine modality that supports cleaning and purifying our spiritual selves by working with the ways of the plants and nature. Working with these sacred plants can also purify our physical bodies. How can we take these practices into our lives and continue on the path of releasing what no longer serves us?

    In this module, we will discuss how we can access profound physical purification on a day-to-day basis in a way that works WITH our body’s natural function versus depleting its resources by aligning our lives to the laws of nature.

  • Conscious Nourishment and Caring for Our Inner Ecosystem with Dr Sarah Marshall, ND - August 26th

    As we embark on a new way of living based on the insights and discoveries of our time at the temple, many people realize that how they have been eating and treating their bodies no longer makes sense. Addictions are often revealed, and a new appreciation for the natural world and its aliveness becomes an undeniable truth. How can we best care for our bodies’ needs AND nourish ourselves in a way that aligns with our new consciousness? 

    In this module, we go even deeper into what ‘taking care’ of our divine body really requires and how we can promote our mental, emotional, and spiritual healing journeys by making intuitive, consciously aligned choices about what we put in ourselves and how we take care of the ecosystem of microbiota that makes us.

  • Q&A Session - September 5th

    Join a group call with our experienced facilitators and Shipibo healers.

  • Integration Circle - September 7th

    Join an integration circle with our experienced facilitators and Shipibo healers.

  • Meeting and Freeing the Inner Critic with Juliana Bizare - September 9th

    In this module, we explore the structure of the inner critic from a Buddhist perspective called Mara. We explore how this structure formed and distorts our view of the Past, Present and Future.

    After working with the medicine, the impact of the inner critic becomes even more apparent. We learn to recognize when we are attacked or in a trance and get space from the inner critic.

    We will explore different ways to see through inner criticism and judgment. We learn that clarity, exaggeration, humor, and compassion can all be valuable tools for seeing through Mara.

    You’ll learn powerful ways to create a sense of inner peace and confidence, which will help you overcome the habits of self-doubt and criticism.

  • Better Feel, Learning to Be with Discomfort with Juliana Bizare - September 16th

    Working with ayahuasca doesn’t necessarily make us feel better but helps us to better feel. The shadow material we suppressed, the things we didn’t want to see, are now more evident. 

    A common tendency is to try to distract ourselves from discomfort, but that usually doesn’t help. In this module, we will explore the importance of cultivating concentration, paying attention, and being nonjudgmental about what emerges in us.

  • Working with our Attitudinal Muscles with Juliana Bizare - September 30th

    After your retreat, you might see even more clearly the familiar tendency of the mind to criticize and judge ourselves, others, and situations in our lives. This causes a sense of separation and makes us suffer. The world is dominated by a thought system that is not necessarily aligned with the truth of who we are. It is based on fear and not love. 

    We have a strong impulse to move into attack or defensiveness, so it takes training to let go of this habit and move into a different attitude about love, not fear.

    In this module, we will explore our power of choice to align ourselves with an attitude of the heart. We will learn that when we orient ourselves to the possibilities of the heart, we feel supported and can relax and trust our innate wisdom. 

  • Integration Circle - October 2nd

    Join an integration circle with our experienced facilitators and Shipibo healers.

  • Final Q&A Session - October 5th

    Join our last group call with our experienced facilitators and Shipibo healers.

Investment in the Temple Online Community and Integration Program

Integration can be a lonely endeavour, especially if you feel that you are alone and that your immediate community cannot understand and/or relate to your experience with ayahuasca/plant spirit healing.

We invite you to start wherever you are – with any challenges, frustrations, or fears you may be facing – and use them as the launching pad to awaken yourself in this moment.

Choose your plan:

  • $33 for the monthly subscription
  • $333 for the annual subscription (save 16%)
Join our Integration Program and Community for ongoing support and guidance from experts in ayahuasca healing
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By Dates
By Program
  • 12 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 3,900

    Living in Alignment: Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

    The backbone of our work and regular retreat offering, providing an immersion in traditional Shipibo plant-spirit healing complemented with yoga classes, individual and group support, and powerful methods of self-inquiry.
  • 12 Days + 5 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 5,100

    Ayahuasca Healing Retreat + 5-Day Integration Retreat

    NEW OFFERING – a 12-Day ‘Living in Alignment’ Ayahuasca Healing Retreat with the opportunity to stay on at the Temple for a 5-day Integration Extension Retreat. Available in April, July, and October 2024.
  • 12 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 3,900

    Women’s Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

    For this retreat we will be working exclusively with female facilitators and female support staff. There is something very special that happens when a group of women come together to heal! To be held from April 16th to 27th, 2024 and November 26th to December 7th, 2024.
  • 12 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 3,900

    Queer Ayahuasca Retreat

    This special queer retreat will provide a safe, welcoming, and caring environment where participants can feel comfortable being who they are. Shipibo healing will be complemented with Compassionate Inquiry sessions. To be held from October 25th to November 5th, 2024.
  • 14 Days
    5 Ceremonies
    $ 2,000

    Traditional Plant Dietas at Shipibo Rao

    We are honored to support Maestro Jose Lopez Sanchez and his healing center, Shipibo Rao. Maestro Jose runs 14-day dietas working in the Shipibo tradition.
    Visit Shipiborao's website to book
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