The Temple Blueprint

A New Paradigm in Health-Care, 

Soul-Care and Planet-Care

Temple of the Way of Light

Our Mission

People are Awakened!

Between 2017 and 2020, all staff of the Temple worked together to create the Temple Blueprint. The following vision, commitments, and values were created by the entire team - Shipibo healers, Western and local staff - collectively aligning on our most important intentions.
Meet our Team

Our Vision

People are Awakened!

Guided by the spirits of nature, inspired by ancestral wisdom, we are answering a call from our souls.

We are at the vanguard of a new paradigm in health-care, soul-care and planet care.

A global movement is restoring respect, reciprocity, and unity amongst Indigenous traditions and the modern world.

Wisdom keepers and visionaries from around the globe are united to protect Mother Earth.

There is widespread understanding that individual healing is inextricably connected to the healing of the collective, and Nature herself.

Equality, well-being and love prevails amongst all beings.

Our hearts and minds are connected to Source.

People are Awakened!

“The Temple of the Way of Light is a glimpse into our collective future. As a center of holistic healing and harmonious community, it is both ancient and highly advanced.”

Khari Allen Lee

Our Commitments

To Our Guests

We are committed to exceed the expectations of our guests.

In every moment from arrival to departure, we are committed that our guests experience feeling safe, respected, and deeply taken care of.

We are committed to support our guests’ integration, empowering them to be agents of transformation in their lives.

We are committed that our guests live with open minds and hearts.

To Our Team

We work as a Team with a shared Mission.

We are committed to relate to one another with mutual appreciation, trust and respect.

We are willing to be held accountable.

We have each other’s back!

To Our Organization

We are committed to organizational interculturality and dedicated to our own and others’ ongoing growth, development and transformation in all areas of work and life.

We are committed to create an environment of safety, well-being and radiant health for all.

We are committed to participate in and share the benefits of our ongoing success.

With deep honor and respect for the ancestral traditions of the Amazon, we commit to developing alliances and partnerships in service of unity and awakening for all.

We are committed to set the standard for best practices in plant-spirit medicine health care.

To Community

We honor and value the healing traditions and ancestral wisdom of the Shipibo, Indigenous and Amazonian peoples.

We are committed to build alliances and relationships based on trust and reciprocity, sharing our knowledge, demonstrating the value of cultural diversity, and honoring our differences.

By promoting localized regenerative development, we empower communities to improve access to resources while taking care of their environment, health and well-being.

To Humanity

We celebrate the equality between the feminine and masculine, restoring Divine balance and reshaping our world through love, kindness, forgiveness and understanding.

A global spiritual renaissance has reawakened our intimate connection with our Mother Earth and the Cosmos.

“There really isn’t enough I can say about the Temple. Their vision for the future is truly an inspiration and a model that much of the world would benefit by paying attention to.”

Matt Catley

Our Values

  • Integrity

    In all aspects of our work and service in the Amazon, we pay meticulous attention to bringing a profound level of integrity to everything we do.

  • Responsibility

    We operate with total responsibility - personally, organizationally, socially, and environmentally. Our mistakes have been some of our biggest teachings!

  • Being Trusting

    Over many years of working with sacred plant medicines, we have learned that choosing to trust - in the plant spirits, the healing process, and ultimately in the source of life - is of critical importance. We support our guests to develop deep trust in themselves and beyond.

  • Direct and Honest Communication

    We are committed to communicate with our staff and guests with total transparency and honesty, at all times.

  • Reciprocity

    Since 2010, the Temple has been committed to giving back to the people of the Amazon. We were the first ayahuasca organization to establish a non-profit focused on social and environmental issues in the Amazon.

“This whole place is engineered for healing”

Anton Babcov

Our Stand

Traditional Amazonian plant-spirit healing offers a solution to the modern epidemic of depression, anxiety, and stress; encouraging a revolution in our healthcare systems, and in the way that society addresses mental health and the source of disease.

We recognize unresolved personal and transgenerational trauma, in all its different manifestations, to be the tap root of all disorder and turmoil, individually and collectively, across the planet.

The resolution of trauma leads to completion, wholeness, and connection, and is the most significant mechanism for individual, social, and global transformation.

We stand for a new paradigm in health-care, soul-care, and planet-care.

By Dates
By Program
  • 12 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 3,900

    Living in Alignment: Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

    The backbone of our work and regular retreat offering, providing an immersion in traditional Shipibo plant-spirit healing complemented with yoga classes, individual and group support, and powerful methods of self-inquiry.
  • 12 Days + 5 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 5,100

    Ayahuasca Healing Retreat + 5-Day Integration Retreat

    NEW OFFERING – a 12-Day ‘Living in Alignment’ Ayahuasca Healing Retreat with the opportunity to stay on at the Temple for a 5-day Integration Extension Retreat. Available in April, July, and October 2024.
  • 12 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 3,900

    Women’s Ayahuasca Healing Retreat

    For this retreat we will be working exclusively with female facilitators and female support staff. There is something very special that happens when a group of women come together to heal! To be held from April 16th to 27th, 2024 and November 26th to December 7th, 2024.
  • 12 Days
    6 Ceremonies
    $ 3,900

    Queer Ayahuasca Retreat

    This special queer retreat will provide a safe, welcoming, and caring environment where participants can feel comfortable being who they are. Shipibo healing will be complemented with Compassionate Inquiry sessions. To be held from October 25th to November 5th, 2024.
  • 14 Days
    5 Ceremonies
    $ 2,000

    Traditional Plant Dietas at Shipibo Rao

    We are honored to support Maestro Jose Lopez Sanchez and his healing center, Shipibo Rao. Maestro Jose runs 14-day dietas working in the Shipibo tradition.
    Visit Shipiborao's website to book
    Go to website