We are witnessing a global spiritual renaissance that is reawakening our connection to Mother Earth, and in the process, breaking the hold of patriarchal materialistic systems of control and the mechanistic worldview that disavows the sacred and the interconnection of all life.

Working with Divine Feminine Energy

The re-emergence of divine feminine energy offers a deeply needed corrective to the qualities of fear, oppression, and greed that have come to define the dominant cultures of the planet. As many people are feeling, we are living in a momentous time of transition and our collective destiny hangs in the balance.

As we seek harmony and peace against a background of disturbing and often frightening world events, many of us have become acutely aware of something vital missing in modern life. In contrast, shamanic practices and ancient wisdom traditions worldwide have an unbroken relationship with our living Earth. She is revered and honored as the Great Mother, Gaia, Sophia, or Pachamama in shamanic and spiritual terms.

It is well past time that we imbue the modern world with the timeless qualities associated with our sentient mother planet – love, feeling, understanding, compassion, nurturing, and empathy.

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Such is the cultural and institutional bias against these qualities that they are regarded, contemptuously, as ineffectual, sentimental, and even weak. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is believed by many scholars that it was the eruption of violence perpetrated by the newer, male-dominated cultures that obliterated the peaceful, Earth-honoring ways of Goddess worship and paved the way for the stronghold of patriarchal belief systems and eventually the obliteration of the Goddess from religion, religious texts, and teachings.

Yet the intensity of the suppression of divine feminine energy in the Western world throughout our political and religious structures hints at its enormous power. Divine feminine energy transcends the fear-based programming that fosters division, aggression, and narrow self-interest.

Divine Feminine

We celebrate the equality between the feminine and masculine, restoring Divine balance and reshaping our world through love, kindness, forgiveness and understanding. A global spiritual renaissance is slowly reawakening our intimate connection with our Mother Earth and the Cosmos.

By connecting humanity to our common inheritance and cultivating self-love as the gateway to universal love, the divine feminine offers a radical recalibration of values and relationships that can reshape our world.

At the Temple, we are committed to providing a balance between female and male healers during our ayahuasca retreats. The female Shipibo healers (Onanya Ainbobo) who work with guests embody love, compassion, tenderness, gentleness, and kindness. In effect, they become the living presence of the divine feminine and allow guests to reconnect with the healing power of maternal nurturing.

The Temple believes the work of female healers is an incredibly important part of the healing journey for guests arriving from the West, where the divine feminine is typically devalued. Equally, the male Shipibo healers are also known for their gentleness and generosity of spirit.

With many of our guests having personally experienced masculine abuses of power, their love and caring can be profoundly affecting. In short, the divine feminine transcends gender-based duality. We are all sons and daughters of the Earth, whose greatest lesson is to live from the heart, not the head.

The Temple aims to provide a caring and compassionate environment, and sensitive attention to guests’ needs and concerns, for an overall experience centered on the power of the divine feminine to bring about personal and collective transformation. The healing of our planet and each other demands nothing less.

“When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. For as the body is only as healthy as its individual cells, the world is only as healthy as it’s individual souls.” – Mark Nepo