Collective Vision of the Temple of the Way of Light

Posted: March 21, 2017
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We would like to invite you to share in our collective vision.

The Temple of the Way of Light was born 10 years ago, out of an individual vision. Disenchanted with the western healthcare system’s inability to address the deep roots of chronic disease, trauma, and psychospiritual disconnection, the Temple’s founder traveled to the Amazon rainforest in search of deep healing. Here in Peru he found an ancient medical tradition that provided him with the opportunity to dig deep into his own darkness, and to bring in the light that is necessary for true healing. The vision for the Temple came to him in his first ayahuasca ceremony, and despite all rational considerations, he made a commitment to bring that vision to life.

That vision is at the heart of the Temple’s work, and in the past ten years has grown to live in the collective vision of all the people who make the Temple not just their place of work, but their home. And to commemorate the work of the past ten years, we want to share that vision with you, and invite you to be a part of what we’re up to. This is a calling to embark on a path of self-discovery, and along the way we will inevitably uproot, uncover and be forced to address the deep roots of our discontent.

Matthew, our founder’s story, mirrors many of our stories: it is the archetypal journey of transformation that many people are choosing in these uncertain times. Here’s how it works: before we can allow a new vision of the world to emerge, we need to take care of our own wounds. Many of us are becoming conscious that, in order to grow, patching-up deep wounds or bypassing our own shadows is not an option anymore. This process is never pleasant, but it is the only way in which real, long lasting transformation can occur.

Over the last decade, the Temple has attracted thousands of brave soul warriors, people who are committed to embracing the hard and painful work that is needed in order to heal, grow, and thrive. The Temple has also attracted people who have decided to stay in the jungle to be of service to each other, the plants, the rainforest, and Spirit. As a result of this, we have blossomed into a family of visionaries, revolutionaries, healers, big-hearted and talented facilitators and teachers, avant-garde therapists, and psychologists.

Beginning of a New Chapter for the Temple

Concluding and celebrating a decade's work and service in the Amazon, we all converged in January 2017 at the Temple and underwent a staff training and collective visioning process like no other. With a focus on creating a new kind of collaboration and opportunity, the community got together for two weeks of intensive learning, listening, and sharing. This culminated in a powerful and inspiring visioning session, where our community shared our deepest prayers and dreams for the future of the center.

Our vision has now evolved from the dream of one person, expanding into the synergistic sum of the dreams of many. This new vision emerges at a critical time in human history, in alignment with a major paradigmatic revolution that is shifting the way we relate to each other and to our mother earth.
We would like to invite all of our past and new guests to stand together with us for this new vision. Our ambitions are high. We want our center to be a living example of what a true, holistic and intercultural healthcare system can be.

A healthcare system that puts the best tools, practices and wisdom from the most powerful and time-honored traditions at the disposition of anyone in need. A healthcare system that acknowledges that each individual is embedded within families, communities, societies, cultures and ecosystems, and that personal healing implies also social, cultural and environmental health. A health system that is intrinsically embedded within reciprocal relationships. Through healing oneself, we are also healing everybody else.

More than anything, we invite you to stand together with us for self-transformation, the single most important act we can focus on as we collectively shift into a new vision of humanity. Working through our own personal programming, cultural conditioning and past traumas are indispensable in order to arrive to the point where can be of help to others. We are committed to continue to work on ourselves so that we can grow with the Temple. As we transform, the Temple also transforms, allowing us to keep improving the healing container that we lovingly provide for our guests.

Together, we have the capacity not only to imagine a new vision of the world, but to crystallize our collective intentions into the manifestation of a human culture that respects and embraces nature. A human society that recognizes and cherishes the interdependence between every living being and the environment that sustains us. A human society based on collaboration and reciprocity. A human society that is working in accord with nature in order to make this a healthy world for our children and the children of our children. We know this is possible.

CLICK HERE TO READ OUR OFFICIAL VISION DECLARATION - we are honored to share it with you.