We are excited to present Miles Sherts and to announce that he will be joining us at the Temple in January and February 2017. He is the author of Conscious Communication – a Language of Connection, and Beyond Perception – a Guide to Meditation, and is a teacher / trainer with over three decades of experience.

As part of our ongoing commitment to support the integration process of our guests, Miles is joining our team as a guest teacher and will be offering individual and group sessions for several days during each of the following programs:

All individual sessions with Miles will be confidential and offered for free in the above retreats.

Miles originally came to the Temple in 2013 as a guest, and then returned in 2015 to facilitate training in Conscious Communication for the Temple staff. We have all found his profound teachings and warm-hearted approach highly beneficial to our own personal healing journeys and also how we can further support our guests. We are very excited for Miles to now be offering his many years of expertise and experience to our guests. Miles has also joined our Integration Facilitators network and is available for individual Skype integration sessions after retreats at the Temple.

Miles will be teaching skills in Conscious Communication and Insight Meditation that enable you to develop a high level of emotional literacy and to become fully present in your life. The combination of ayahuasca healing with our incredible team of Shipibo healers, experienced facilitators, and the teachings from Miles will offer an unique, powerful, and transformational healing opportunity.

Deepening Your Healing Process and Supporting Integration

Ceremony with a powerful healing medicine like ayahuasca will stir up whatever is unconscious in you and in need of healing. Sometimes the healing happens in ceremony and feels clear and complete, and other times the work happens later as you digest your experience. It can be helpful to process your experience with another person who can provide a clear mirror for you to recognize the opportunity for healing being presented or a new perspective you are being shown.

Miles helps people to be more authentic with themselves and others using the practices of Conscious Communication and Insight Meditation. There are simple ways to process emotional energy so that it reveals underlying basic needs that require your attention. This self-awareness practice enables you to be present with what is going on inside you, and tend to yourself so that you feel better and have more energy to share with others.

Working together with the Temple facilitators, he will hold space for you to see for yourself what is real, and what is imagined. The practices of self-awareness and Conscious Communication help you focus on your immediate emotions and needs, instead of the story your mind is making up about what is happening. This distinction is critical as it enables you to meet your needs, and help others do the same, instead of falling into familiar patterns of defeat, hopelessness, and anxiety.

He will offering coaching in ways to approach what is happening inside of you, and communicate that to the people around you so they are more likely to hear and understand you. Using skills of Conscious Communication, you can effectively meet your needs for recognition and empathy as well as nurture and support others. In private and group sessions, he can explore insights or directions you receive in ceremonies and translate these into actions that you can take back into your life after leaving the Temple.

You will only be asked to be vulnerable when you are willing and able. This work necessitates leaving your comfort zone, and the more you can challenge yourself to reveal your shadow, the more he can help you grow past your limitations. He will offer you opportunities for this level of deep healing, and it will be up to you how far you want to go.

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About Miles

Miles began practicing Buddhist Insight Meditation in 1976, at the age of 19. His life has been driven by a deep desire to know what is real and true, and to connect authentically with others. He began learning Conscious Communication skills in 1980, and trained as a professional mediator in 1988. He has led workshops and retreats, worked with couples, and coached individuals since 1990. For more than 20 years, he has taught conscious communication skills at the Community College of Vermont and other schools, and he has led numerous private trainings, including working with the staff at Omega Institute since 2005 and staff at the Temple since 2015.

Miles is also founder, director, and guiding teacher of Sky Meadow Retreat in Vermont, USA, where he lives, teaches, and manages an organic farm in a small, rural, conscious community. He began working occasionally with psycho-active medicines as a vehicle for expanded consciousness in 1983, and with ayahuasca in 2013.

For more about Miles’ work visit Sky Meadow retreat.