Testimonials from participants at the Temple

Robyn Schoen

My six months at the Temple was easily the most profound experience of my life. The Temple provided a sacred, safe, supportive and nurturing space that enabled me to really deeply unfold, look at, understand and heal parts of myself that were previously inaccessible or too overwhelming to address. I had the opportunity to heal so many fractured aspects of my being, on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level, and for this I am eternally grateful to the Temple and everyone involved in making that space exist and function as it does. My six months there were some of the most challenging, confronting, surprising, sacred, rewarding and ecstatic times of my journey thus far and everyday back in Australia I am reminded of, and draw strength and wisdom from, those experiences.

In terms of tangible ‘results’ from working with the medicine, I guess the overriding thing I notice is that I now feel a deep sense of peace within me, regardless of my external circumstances, which is something that I never even realised was absent before.. every moment has become part of this sacred cosmic dance that we call life, and while I intellectually understood that before, and had had glimpses of this state, I now exist in this headspace and heartspace in a completely experiential capacity every day, which is divine to say the very least. My relationships with family and friends have taken on new levels of love, appreciation, respect and significance, and it’s amazing to see how people and things that do not resonate with my higher truth/path seem to naturally be falling away, which is making space for new amazing things and people who are coming into my life now.

I am absolutely grateful for and humbled by the medicine and the work of the maestros and maestras, and cannot even begin to express how crucial spaces such as the Temple are in this time we are currently living in. Matthew and Klara, you have created an invaluable hub for consciousness expansion and true healing. Thank you for making this possible – you have, without a shred of doubt, changed my life, and I feel confident in saying the lives of every other person that is blessed enough to experience the magic of the Temple..

Peace, love and infinite blessings

Travis Brown

Temple of the way of Light has far outdone any expectations I could have imagine. On arriving at the Temple I had never imagined the damaged state my soul/spirit was in. I soon found out through the work ahead of me. It has been the most profound experience of my life. It has been a tough but loving journey and I can say I have found my heart again.

The shamans here are truly amazing healers. Surgeons of the spirit world. They have helped restore my true essence and I am truly grateful.Mother Ayahuasca is such a stern but loving teacher. All the staff have been fantastic. The service here is awsome. This place is the real deal! The true intention not only the personal growth of the individual, but the whole planet and environment is to be commended. Keep up the great work.

I would never hesitate to return here when I get the calling to return for some more work.

Thank you.

Nic Quittner

My experience at the Temple was simply amazing, more than I ever expected. I have experienced other types of healers but this was healing directly from the universe working through the shipibos. Pure love. I felt completly save in my vulnerable states. I never expected the ceremonies to be so powerfull as they were. Maestras and Maestros are love personified.

I would like to thank everyone at the Temple for making my journey so beautiful. I researched on the net quiet extensively through forums etc. before choosing to come. I could not find one negative remark anywhere I now know why as there is none of this about the Temple that is the slightest beat astray from the focus of love. As it has become my sole choose to do journey work with the medicine. I wish all the staff and helpers muchas gracias and give thanks also to Matthew for making this place exist in the first place.

Seelan Nair

Where to start? I never knew heaven could exist on earth! The Temple thaught me that it is a reality. I can now go out into  this beautiful world and create a heaven, a place filled with hope and possibilities where people can be their true selfs, a place where it is ok and good to be happy, where i can’t stop laughing, smiling and loving everyone around me.

I would like to thank the Temple for helping me heal, for not judging my flaws but rather embracing and showing me the light. Thank you for showing my purpose in life. The lessons learned are in valuable. I hope you can continue your work, the world needs the Temple. Thank you for giving me life i love you all. I’ll always be sending positive energy and spreading the word.

A profound, life changing experience not what i expected but superseeded my wildest dreams.I found my true-self and happiness.

Peace and love always

Linda Johnson

The healers at the Temple truly are beacons of light.  Their dedication to plant medicine, the people they work with and the planet is felt and observed with their giving gestures.  These are authentic human beings living with and interacting/healing/teaching the guests throughout the day.  They do not set themselves apart or try to maintain a false hierarchy.  Yet, when it is time for ceremony, they are powerful, transformative forces for good.  I completely trust their intentions and felt safely, lovingly held in ceremony.  I would recommend this experiences to any and all.

Jerilyn Munyon

Parents of adult children who either die from a drug overdose or suicide, are left with an almost insurmountable journey of grief. The thought of actually healing, never comes to mind.

After twelve years of such a journey, with every page viewed and turned infinite times, it seemed that ‘facing the truth’ was much more a concept of blame than one of true understanding or liberation. What made sense, was to face head on every question, memory, or photograph to find answers that might or might not exist. Why, what, how could this be? Perhaps answers were not really the point.

I went to Peru, to the Temple of the Way of Light, to open my heart, to move on somehow from a grief that stood by me like vultures, ever ready to reveal my shortcomings and abject failure to save my son. Apparently, the shamans had no relationship to my exile from the basic goodness that we all are born of, even me. They brought me into their family, lovingly described the true meaning of grief, and sang to me about how to transform such a loss into compassion, forgiveness, and joy.

For this, I will be ever grateful. For others who have known a time when ‘love was not enough’, I encourage you to commit to that which is really true….we are meant to heal, meant to carry on, and meant to give to others…to drink from the well of sorrow, turning that sorrow into compassion…we are meant to love again, and we are meant to heal and move on.

Michael Wong

The Temple is an absolutely incredible place. I still pinch myself to think that such a beautiful sanctuary exist here in the Amazon. From the minute I walked through the entrance, all of us could feel that this is a really special place plus that we were not only welcome, but also belonged here. It is important to recognize that the work of the ayahuasca and of the maestras and maestros and their beautiful ikaros provides healing on every level of our existence – physical emotional psychological and spiritual. The fact that ayahuasca is a powerful medicine is well documented, but what struck me was the power of the ikaros. They are truly healing through sound + vibration we are not normally conscious of. They maestras + maestros truly operate on a different dimension + i was continually astounded a how successfully they navigate through these realms. Their decades of devotion, their love, their compassion + their gifts of healing to us really humbles me. So thank you Manuela, Diogenes, Benancio, Maria, Antonio, Sulmira, Anita + Mirian!

Every day I have spent here has been a blessing, waking up in the wonderful tambo, the food I ate, the beautiful environment, the revealing group meetings, the fantastic flower-baths + off course the challenging but rewarding ceremonies. No small part of why I had such a special stay is due to my workshop companions, all, of whom were such beautiful people, and the volunteers, who always were kind, loving helpful. To many names to mention but you all know who you are – friends for life.

My experience was profound + life changing. The healing that myself + the rest of the group recieved was astounding + will continue to work its magic for many years to come. The maestras+maestros are truly amazing. They are so pwerful yet so humble, compasionate + lovng always. Nothing in Western science or medicine comes even close to what they do. Every ceremony was beautifull + unique. They maloka was truly a sacred space + we all recieved what we needed. Although I have no previous experience of ayahuasca I know it was powerful + perfect for our needs.

And lastly I would like to thank Matthew + Klara – for your vision + strength in creating the temple – What you are doing is brave + truly a gift for mankind – THANK YOU!


Jaymie Noble

Having done other ayahuasca workshops in Peru, I came to the Temple with the intention to work with the Divine feminine and know the medicine on a deeper level and bring new people to the medicine. The Temple blew me away upon setting foot through the gateway. This place is truly magical. The spaciousness of the grounds and easy rhythm of the Temple really allows people the personal space to do their inner work. A new village and community is formed with every workshop and it is a community filled with loving intentions.

I had intentions for healing, growth and transformation and the love and support of the maestros and maestros was endless. Everyday they attended to our needs in and out of ceremonies with massages, plant remedies and wonderful floral baths. The accumulative years of experience the healers have with the plants is astounding. Within myself I found the strength to face my darkest secret, my sacred wound. The lessons the medicine kept showing me unraveled so many parts of my life that had been limiting me. The constant love and guidance of mother ayahuasca and the maestros has had profound effects on my life that I will realize for months to come. I look forward to going back to my life with new awareness, new visions and a deeper connection to the sacred plants, jungle and healers. The Icaros are vibrating within me and my heart continues to open to the universal love that we are.  Thank you!

Taylor Estes

So much to share. This has been the opportunity of a lifetime I’ve made some really special friendships, had deep amounts of growth and found my heart again. The wisdom of the plant lives deeply in me now. I cannot wait to come back!

My experience was so sweet, full of beautiful insights, made some incredible friends.I would do it all again many times over. The healers were deeply profound… I felt safe taken care of by some genuinely loving healers and activated in a way I’ve never felt before. My ceremonies were for the most part quite gentle, many visions, visuals, realizations, shifts in awareness.

Best ceremonies I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of.

Heather Holden

What an extraordinary honor it is to be here at the Temple.  The more I experience the deeper my understanding goes and the trappings of the western world seem to fall away.

Last year brain fog cleared from judgments and conditioning, detoxing from silver fillings I had removed, nerve repair from over anesthesia and psychic dental repair; I released three huge intestinal cysts the size of a silver dollar quarter, and nickel a month into returning home;  my whole nervous system rewired and social anxiety disappeared.  My diet has also completely changed.

This year I came to explore deepening my medicine path as a wisdom keeper and healer.  And also to clear the last remaining pieces of relationship Karma from ancestral shadows, more physical healing on sexuality and lust, and to learn ho to manifest sacred divine love and partnership for family.

What completely took me by surprise was the night in ceremony when ayahuasca revealed to me my future husband and father of my child. This happens to be another participant 10 years younger than me to my absolute disbelief, but she sat with me patiently and diligently. Told me all about who he is becoming, what he will become to represent, the profound work we will do together and for the world.

When I carefully shared this information, he let out a heavy sigh and said, “My God I am not crazy,” because two nights prior ayahuasca sat him down and showed him similar visions and a download about me.  He thought it was a test and took to isolation for a day.

Before all this I had a huge family block Ayahuasca helped me let go of.  I was actually so constipated and that was the kind of symbolic purge this was.  Chronic constipation in the family, grandmother had colon cancer, but also the energetic bind and dependency my parents have had over my brothers and i.  and in a way not letting me have a family of my own.  So now we will take time to integrate and discover what our destiny unfolds.  We both received deep insights into dietas and would like to return together in the spring to further our healing work and medicine.  I am particularly drawn to work towards dieting a certain teacher tree with bark in multicolor greys shaped like puzzle pieces.

Daniel Minsinger

I am so grateful for this experience.  I have grown on all levels as a person – spiritually, emotionally, and health wise as well.  I came here with my spouse.  I watched him blossom and it brought us closer together.  The Temple is a magical placed settled right in the middle of a healing vortex.  I will pray every day for the protection of this temple as well as the Peruvian rainforest.  I will hold it in light and love in my life every day.  This honestly was the best experience of my life, although I have more work to do on myself, so I will be back for Madre to facilitate that process.  I know she is always with me now and will work on me when I return home but I cannot resist coming back to this beautiful temple.  Thank you Matthew and Klara for creating the Temple and hope as many people as possible can experience the magic of this place and Madre Ayahuasca.

Gary Rush

I can’t say enough good about the Temple and the work of the Maestras/Maestros. I plan to return with my wife and both sons. I am hoping that my brother comes as well as my sister and her entire family. I plan to present to a group of medical people who study psychedelics, natural medicines, etc., about the Temple and its work. We met with Rak Razam last year, saw his movie Aya Awakenings and signed up for the Temple. We thought that we knew what we’d be getting into. His movie, although very good, doesn’t begin to address the amazing healing that goes on at the Temple.

My son went to the Temple to help cure him from MS and PML – a disease brought on by the poisonous drugs used to treat MS. PML almost killed him (25% of people die, the remainder have all been left with debilitations – Sean is the first one to survive and recover). Sean lost movement in his left side, including the ability to speak, write, eat, and move his left side. He also came to help heal emotionally – 4 years of MS and PML have left tremendous emotional scars on him.

I came to support Sean and, as a side benefit, perhaps heal my left thumb doctors told me that it was arthritis and gave me cortisone, for no benefit (a rather expensive, useless band aid). I knew that it was due to a blockage in my left side from a broken neck that occurred 21 years ago and was fused 12 years ago, the same time as a wound on my left thumb although no western doctor would listen to me. I also needed to heal from not only the 4 years watching my son struggle, but 6 years earlier, I had failed in a business (my first time to fail) and had lost all my money (thankfully nothing else). We had high expectations. When we arrived, we consulted with the Maestras/Maestros and told them everything. They prescribed the plant medicines and massages. What we received far exceeded our expectations.

We are both healed – not just symptoms masked, but healed. My thumb is better than it has been in years and continues to improve. Suy massaged my back and “cracked” it better than any chiropractor has – without any violent twisting. I could feel the energy moving through my left side for the first time in 21 years. Sean’s MS and PML are a thing of the past. Our emotional healing went way beyond what we expected. Our relationships with my wife, Sean’s mother and my other son, Sean’s brother, have improved tremendously.

We feel peace like we haven’t felt in years – many years. We feel well, positive, and look forward to the future. I am bringing my wife, and hopefully my oldest son, back to the Temple next year. I have already recommended it to my brother and my sister and her family (my sister is already planning on attending with her husband and children). Coming to the Temple has been a lifesaver. The immense physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is astounding and no material, no movie, or no testimonial prepared us for what we received. I thank you all for being and for what you have done for and given us. You are the best.

Sean Rush

I went to the Temple for one reason, to heal my medical condition – neurological damage from a near fatal brain virus due to a pharmaceutical side effect designed to regulate an autoimmune disorder. It was a struggle, ridding myself of all western medication and focusing on diet and exercise for a solid year. But that wasn’t enough. I still had a lot of recovering nearly to the point where I started to lose hope. I was searching many months for a place that could heal me and I found the Temple of the Way of Light.

All I thought about walking into this: please allow me to be cured so I could move on with life. I walked in completely skeptical but hopeful understanding the potential of Shamanism and the power of plant medications. I gave myself to the experience for 12-days and came out a changed man. I not only got what I wanted but I got an experience that was truly life-changing! I not only cured my medical condition, regaining all my neurological control, I was also able to heal my heart and soul.

The people here are truly magical! Every ceremony was completely transformational. I experienced the best and worst times of my life all showing me my reflection and the messages of my life. Like an old star, I exploded, went into super nova, and from that nebula a new star was born. I walked in a weak old man and left a young vibrant boy!

I’m cured now. I’m back to the man I lost many years ago due to a debilitating medical condition. Healing may have been rough and had its hard moments, but true healing takes purging the darkness to allow the light to shine once more. Thank you to all who helped me. I love everyone here including my fellow w, facilitators, and especially all the maestros & maestras who cured me. I will never forget this place and I do plan to return next year to go deeper into freeing my soul. Irake Ichabiras!


From the moment I first encountered the website I felt the love coming from this place. I, like many others, read the other testimonials that were listed on the site. Quite naturally I was a little reserved though everything that has been previously written about the Temple is completely true. This place is an amazing healing center- structured well with the purest intentions to heal, though to do it in a safe and loving environment.

The Temple is situated in one of the most picturesque parts of the world. Everything is eco-friendly and I for one am greatly proud that for the first time I did not leave behind a footprint of my presence. The itinerary logistics and ceremonies all operated like clockwork. They were well structured and balanced. In saying that, the Temple provides ample time for personal and introspection time. All the staff members are great. You always get greeted with a smile from cheek to cheek. They provide the support you need if you had any questions.

The food from the kitchen staff is plentiful and nourishing. The Maestros and Maestras are the epitome of the word ‘healers’. They provide you the healing that you need with an open heart. Each have their own personality yet they all share the same amount of love they provide. They really work hard for your well-being.

I couldn’t think of a better place to use the Medicine Ayahuasca. For those who are reserved about the idea of coming here please don’t be. The Temple of the Way of Light is a true healing center in the purest term.

Thank you Matthew for making this happen.

Roxanne Moschetti

It’s hard to put into words what the Temple has done for me. I decided to come here while battling depression and anxiety. Arriving here, I felt comforted knowing that not only did the Maestros seem to understand and empathize with me, but they could help me. The intensive 12 days of workshop has changed my life already and I haven’t even gone home yet. A complete cleansing and transformation has occurred under the watch of powerful healers and a wonderfully supportive and loving staff. I can honestly say that this was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. It was the first time I had decided to do something solely for myself and I can already feel the positive outcome. I feel like I have been healed on a spiritual, physical and cellular level and will take the teachings from the Temple on with me on my journey. Thank you to the Temple, maestras, maestros, Sascha and volunteers. I will never forget you!

C. Reynolds

If you are looking for an adventure to add to your travels, or if you want to experiment with a different and exciting substance, do yourself a favor: DON´T COME HERE. However, if you are ready to go deeper into your own healing process and connect with something infinitely greater than yourself in an atmosphere of integrity, this might be your destination. Don’t expect it to be easy and realize at the outset, there are no guarantees. However, profound growth and change can be yours if you are prepared to work for it.

Sandra Hay

My stay at the Temple was absolutely one of the hardest things I´ve done in my life. The fulfillment is also some of the best I have ever had in my life. In the blink of an eye, without hesitations, I would do it all over again. This is something that will completely change my life in an outstandingly positive way. I am a really down-to-earth person, and I learned that there is absolutely more stuff going on between heaven and earth. The healers really lifted me to a higher level. They cured me and showed me things I could never imagine. My awareness of nature is clearer to me now than ever before. This is absolutely not something you can do without the proper guidance and know-how. The staff was outstanding and Matthew is an angel sent from above. I am going to cherish this adventure for the rest of my life. I know that when tough times are coming, I can always go back to my Temple of the Way of Light. Lots of love.

Ingrid Tovon

I came to the Temple to free myself from the constraints of my lifestyle in Western society. I had become lost in the illusion of money and the corporate world. I was deeply unhappy and unfulfilled. I felt my soul yearning to break free from these attachments and to connect with my true self and purpose. I chose the Temple because they offer to shift energy with ayahuasca. It resonated with me. I have found my stay here extremely challenging, but very rewarding. The ceremonies have allowed me to come to terms with many aspects of myself that I was either disconnected from, or those from which I needed to let go. I have found this very hard, but I realize this is the only way for me to move forward. So, I accepted the challenge and shed many layers of self that were ultimately sabotaging. The result is that I feel much more empowered, focused, determined, as well as connected to my true self, my purpose and the universal life force. I am very grateful for the healing work that has been given to me by the maestras and I look forward to taking this work further and deeper. I get that I´ve only scratched the surface of my work, but I am happy that I have begun. I feel that now, I am watching my true path.

Robert Newell

My experience at the Temple of the Way of Light was positive and enriching. The healers are dedicated to their work and approach it with serious intent and love. I wanted to heal myself emotionally and find some answers to issues in my life. I had a profound healing experience, but so much more as well. I have opened up to so many possibilities in life. This time, believe that I will have the resolve to pursue life more fully. The 12 day workshop, preparations, diet and reflection provided me a structure for doing the internal work I have needed for so long. This was a workshop, not a vacation adventure—and the work was well worth it. Meeting other people from around the world with similar goals provided even more support for me. I truly believe that I have been forever changed for the better by this experience.


I could never ask for something better. It has been such a journey and such an experience. I can’t be more grateful. Starting to get better sometimes means it has to hurt a bit, but beyond the pain is honest REAL happiness. Not the fake ego driven happy I felt before. I feel ready to go back to my life and integrate all I have remembered here. LIFE is a never ending lesson that I can now actually see and learn from.

I want to thank the Maestros and Maestras for the biggest present I have ever got. It is absolutely incredible.

Lena Riebesehl

You have expectations when you come here, but what you get is so much more than you could ever expect. You cannot imagine the profound changes that occur in your life after just 12 days.  I´m deeply thankful to everyone at the Temple. So many nice souls, so much humanity—it filled my heart with bliss and joy. I found what I was looking for and so much more. My heart is filled with so much love. I found a new home in myself. I found my connection to my soul, to Mother Earth and to our planet. I found the path which leads me now in my future. Everything is clear. Thank you, Aya, for bringing me Ahmed, the love of my life.

Ahmed Agrama

I came to the Temple with no idea of what to do with my life, a heavy heart and confusion in my soul. What occurred was nothing less than sublime. My heart has opened—I have remembered who I am—who we are. Peace has settled over my mind and soul. I have found the love of life, Lena. My eyes have opened and my heart is soaring. Thank you, Temple of the Way of Light.

Salima Raoui

I have learned so much from the workshop and the healing. Everything was an opportunity to learn. The maestros and maestras are beautiful examples of what our earth has hosted, inspired and produced in its highest level of consciousness. It inspires me to see how the spirit of the Temple can be brought to life in my own country with our indigenous people (Morocco). I have received so much love, respect, attention and special care from all the staff, including Sascha. His amazing soul embodies the balance between a healing and supportive attitude, and respect for the healing process itself. The local staff is such a perfect expression of hard work and humility. They truly earned all my respect. The maestros and maestras are so loving and wise. It certainly will take me centuries to fully appreciate the depth of their wisdom and unconditional love—a true inspiration. The energy put into making my workshop and this place a success is tremendous. It takes a lot of love for humanity to carry on such a project. Thank you for being an amazing inspiration. I will go back home full of divine feminine love for myself and the world.

Chris Scrivens

From the very first moment I entered the retreat, I knew it was a special place. The surrounding, the layout and the awesome lagoon were perfect. I think we were extremely lucky to have such beautiful weather. The staff was so lovely. When we first arrived, we were warmly greeted by healers, as well as by a few volunteers. I felt comfortable with everything from the start. Since I had never taken the medicine before, I was quite nervous. Sascha and everyone participating in the workshop gave me strength and offered empathy. I found some ceremonies easy, some very hard and some extremely enlightening. I have learned a lot about myself in my time here, made beautiful friends and I´m very happy to have come to this magical place. I can´t fault anything I have witnessed here—a magical and professionally run retreat. Perhaps one day I will return.

Michael Hayward

On arriving at the Temple after the walk from the river, we were greeted by Lucinda, Naomi and some of the Maestras who were happy to hug me, despite my sweat-soaked state! Sascha, the workshop facilitator, with calm dear-eyed authority, guided us though our initial introduction to the Temple, and to each other—the passengers on our mystery tour. For me, the ceremonies were nothing less than mother Ayahuasca responding to our stated intentions with loving kindness, gentleness and discipline when we required it. Some of us had much to unravel, to dissolve the inner knots and outer cages that we had created in the past, or which had been initiated by the ignorance of others. My earlier unmonitored experiments with LSD forty years before were a shocking and abrupt process of unraveling the personality, which prepared the way for mother Ayahuasca to take my hand and guide me further. She has guided me through an amazing linear progression from one ceremony to the next, with magnificent and loving help from the Maestras, Diogenes, Raphael and their magical ikaros. I have been awakened to the majesty and wisdom of the plant spirits, for which I will be forever grateful. I have learned strength, humility and compassion. The last of these, compassion, I believe to be a massively powerful force for good, and for evolution. It was a privilege to witness the transformation of troubled souls into clear-eyed guiding lights for their fellow passengers. I look forward to going through life with these new brothers and sisters.

Peta Washington

As I was greeted by healers, floral baths and amazing surroundings, from the moment I arrived, I knew I came to the right place. I had a truly amazing time at the Temple and discovered a lot about myself. I am already planning my next Ayahuasca experience. The food was great and the staff and volunteers were really helpful. Sascha does a wonderful job of looking after all of us on our different journeys. The maestros and maestras are great healers and beautiful people. All in all, it was a life changing experience that I won’t forget any time soon.

Veronica Stansby

You have created such a beautiful and safe space for deep collective healing. I was initially attracted by your focus on the divine feminine, and felt very blessed to experience the joy and force of the maestras’ healing. I was so touched and grateful for the power and gentleness of the maestros’ healing, too. I feel very thankful and blessed for the opportunity to connect with the spirit of mother Ayahuasca in such a loving and caring space. My soul feels enriched and expanded. I feel very happy to have begun this profound new journey and I look forward to returning next year. In the meantime, I will integrate, assimilate and continue to nurture my new spiritual connection. I also feel inspired by other projects that are going on and will certainly gather more information to see how I can contribute in the future.

Ando Hischbach

My journey, I feel, is just beginning. We came as strangers and emerged as a family in a real sense of the word. Age, sex and any other dividing factor began to unite rather than separate—as it should. Although we walk disparate paths, by the end, it was clear we shared the same path and hope to enact real change within ourselves, and perhaps bring that change to the world. Many of us are stuck in our own little feedback loops. The truth of the phrase, “No problem can be solved at the level it was created” was shown. Deep integration and deep healing take place here and when you are ready to take that path, planes are still flying to this beautiful country. Catch one while you can. I believe in this place. I believe in myself. I believe in the people that come here and the innate potential for growth within every person.

Jenelle Amber Guistberg

The Temple of the Way of Light is a piece of the universe created out of pure love. There´s a peace that radiates light into the universe, calling out to people from all over the world to come join it; to bask in its glow so one day, they can see their way back to the light in their own hearts. The healing I have uncovered here has been both intense and lighthearted. I have changed in ways I have yet to realize. Through the journey with Ayahuasca, I have let go of many unnecessary and negative agreements I made with myself, replacing them with kindness and health. The relationships I have built with workshop members will always exist in a caring place inside of me. Although the healing journey is one you must walk on your own, you are never alone. The Temple staff is never without smiles. They function on an entirely new level of support and kindness. The facility is an oasis. The maestros and maestras are bundles of wisdom, humor, energy, joy, life and love. Their profound healing work and unending compassion will change you. I am eternally grateful to have entered into this rare and wonderful place. I will always know it as a home of light in my heart. You will find the magic of the universe here and it will whisper its secrets of love to you through all that surrounds you.

Jason Tackett

This has been the single most powerful experience of my life. Thank you to the Temple of the Way of Light for the haven you provide for serious healing work. From the staff you employ to the meals you provide, you have approached your mission with love and consideration. The facilitators and volunteer staff are gentle, compassionate and available for each guest throughout their process. The setting is perfection—the ideal place for reflection and deep personal work. The food was remarkably delicious, nourishing and supportive of the process taking place. My experience with the Temple was one of revelation and transformation. The healers are wise, knowledgeable, powerful and inspired. They take their work seriously and couple their dedication to the medicine with a never ending light and playful energy. The Temple provides the setting, support, knowledge, nourishment and medicine. It will be up to those of you who come, however, to dedicate yourself and begin the deep healing and personal work ahead of you. Surrender to your fear, leave your head and enter your heart space where your healing will take place. Be patient with the process, patient with yourself and trust in the medicine to which you´ve been led. The healing is real. Be good to yourself in your process, adopt compassion and humility and begin one of your life´s most remarkable journeys.

Richard Maciver

I took the red pill and entered the matrix. It blew my mind to the point of being ready to leave on the next plane home. The compassion shown by everyone and the support I received convinced me to stay. For this, I am very grateful. I feel blessed to have had this experience and to have met so many beautiful people. My stay was entirely positive. I didn’t come for healing, but rather, a need for knowledge—answers to questions that plagued me—who I really am, what is reality and what path I should follow. I am leaving with more than when I arrived. I am looking for nothing because my questions are answered and with further reflection, I will have all I need to find my future path. Ayahuasca can be a weird place. I jumped in and learned humility. In subsequent ceremonies, I grew courage and overcame my fear. Knowledge, love and strength are my outcome. I have lived this experience and I am sure it will grow within me. Thanks to everyone for their patience, support, love and friendship. I hope to remain in contact with the Temple and who knows? I may return one day.

Deandra Miranda

I just wanted to take the time to say, “Thank You.” I have had a beautiful time at the Temple. I have grown and learned so much about myself. Without the help of the healing plant, it would have not been possible. The staff has been more than kind—our meals, teachings, healers, grounds men, clean-up staff and everyone else. This has been an enjoyable time and will be an experience I will never forget. I thank you as I leave here a wise, healed and inspired woman!

Amy Neswald

There is no denying that the Temple of the Way of Light is a unique and special place. From the moment we stepped onto the grounds, I could clearly tell that it was created and cultivated with an abundance of love and thoughtfulness. My group was a motley crew of 21 travelers, each seeking individual and unique healings. We came together last week to share an adventure in inner-space. The maestras and maestros are powerful, kind and loving, and the healing begins with them. However, it doesn’t end with them. Our facilitator guided us through the week with equal doses of compassion and humor. Also, the cooks fed us beautiful food. The grounds men and women worked diligently on making the environment flourish, the volunteers offered help when needed and the land itself teams with life. The Temple is a magical place of transformation. I am certain that everyone in our group will return home as changed people. Still motley, perhaps, but a little more sane. Sometimes, it takes a place like this to remind you that life is beautiful.

Holly Escobar

Coming to the Temple has been one of the greatest and most opening experiences of my life. The evening I arrived, I remember sitting in my hut and all I could feel was love. It was seriously as though the trees, the singing insects and the energy of ayahuasca were all benevolently welcoming me to this land. Any apprehension or fear I held about drinking Ayahuasca for the first time was gone and I knew I’d be well taken care of. Each ceremony was a new discovery and opportunity to tap into parts of my mind that had been forgotten. With the help of the medicine and the angelic ikaros of the maestras and maestros, I was able to rise above ego and experience a oneness that I´ve never before fathomed. I felt what it´s like to be a small infant in which nothing was separate from my awareness and there is a tremendous freedom in that. These experiences also held wisdom, allowing me insight into the nature of our consciousness. Each ceremony was an unforgettable adventure and learning experience, although it was the entire workshop that transformed me. The loving connections with the pasajeros, healers, volunteers and staff, as well as the downtime, jungle walks, education about Ayahuasca and other healing plants and healthy diet all exceeded my expectations. I leave with so much love and gratitude.

Mahmoud Juma

I’m grateful that I had the chance to stay at the Temple and be in touch with the jungle and nature. The Ayahuasca helped me to see, feel and understand many things related to my life and characters. It helped me to relax, reflect my love and share it with everyone around me.

Peter Thompson

After hearing about other places in South America to experience Ayahuasca, the Temple must be the best and safest for first timers. Although it costs more than $100 a day, you experience seven Shipibo ceremonies facilitated by caring Temple staff, and it is one of the few places that include maestras and maestros in the ceremonies. The Temple is situated in a private and secure location where there is no need for locks. There are simple but comfortable tambos, each with their own compost toilet. The food provided is nutritious and varied to ensure no reaction with the plant medicine. Altogether, it´s a beautiful place.

Nick (Niko) Kouris

This experience was life changing for me. I discovered aspects of my inner world that were never available to me. The healers are very special and allowed for very deep work to begin. My group also helped me heal because the wounds were deep. We supported one another in such a gentle manner, with humor and love. It really was an experience of forging bonds that I hope will last a lifetime. Working through deep inner work definitely has its ups and downs. That is why it is important to be able to talk, share, laugh and cry with people with whom you learn to quickly trust. There are good days and bad days, but I realized that for these ten days, I had an unbelievable support network. It was as rewarding to support others as it was to be supported. Some of the most important work I did was with members of my group because amazingly, there were instances where we discovered we had parallel inner work experiences and insights. Even on the worst days, when it seemed that issues were difficult, even insurmountable, it worked out because of the compassion of my group members. The maestra´s hugs and support helped ground what at times felt like extremely challenging inner work/insights. The medicine itself was the greatest teacher. It made a very big difference to have the Shipibo healers work with this medicine in ways I cannot begin to put into words. I will leave here with many revelations about myself, as well as practical advice revealed to me that will impact my life for years to come. I realize that this decision is really one of the most important I have made towards my own personal growth and development. I will remain forever grateful to the Temple, Shipibo healers and staff.

Lisa Sawoya

The experience was simply powerful and beyond what I had anticipated or imagined. I immediately felt the love and support that is consistently present in this gorgeous setting. The staff is stellar and took great care of us in such a kind and loving way. The maestros and maestras were the complete embodiment of love, always. My heart opened from being around them in every setting. The dedication they brought to the ceremonies was inspiring. Their ikaros were strong, moving and completely full of love. I am completely grateful to have had this beautiful presence in my life. I am completely satisfied with this amazing experience. Thank you!


Four months ago, I committed an act of faith. In two years time, my life fell apart—divorce, business activity, personal health issues and family conflicts. I was still hanging onto the business I founded 6 years ago. My act of faith was leaving that world with no financial security, alone and as a mother of two sons (ages 10 and 12) for whom I am the financial provider. It was a dark night of the soul—a path that led me to the Temple. My act of faith took all its meaning with mother Ayahuasca: the healing I received, the intensity of the experience, opening the world to my inner self. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the healers and staff for making the journey for healing my soul possible. I leave the Temple with the keys to my life.

Mitch Jarvis

Much more than I ever expected, especially the unexpected which constantly kept me on the knife´s edge of exhilaration. What I learned about Ayahuasca: “There is only one rule with Aya and that is—there are no rules!”

Stefan Pfeiffer

A lot of things happened in only 12 days. I managed to find out more about the problems in my life and my character, as well as how to deal with both. The ceremonies had a big effect on my way of thinking. They helped me to see problems and people in my life from a different perspective. Once again, I recognize that I have to live my life in a way that can be totally different from others. I like the isolated setting within the jungle; the world of the shamans with their plant medicines. I really recommend this retreat to so many people that want to improve their lives and want to live with more attention and awareness.


The Temple has found some of the most powerful, generous and loving healers while creating a safe and supportive environment in which they can work. The maestros and maestras are true masters, and it’s been an honor to be in their presence and receive their blessings. The Temple staff has been very attentive and has made sure all our needs were met. Their experience in working with the medicine is evident in the way the ceremonies were run, and in the quality of advice given if there were any concerns. I felt very well taken care of at all times. The environment at the Temple is beautiful and the lodgings are very comfortable. I appreciated having my own tambo where I could have time to myself, or being able to find good company in the dining hall. Being in the Amazon and hearing all the sounds of nature was an important part of the experience –especially during ceremony. It was really refreshing to be away from the noise and distraction of the city. Overall, I highly recommend the Temple as a place of healing and deepening your connection to the spirit. They are both knowledgeable and genuinely devoted to supporting your journey with the medicine and beyond.

Nathalie Ruhmann

Ayahuasca has given me the kick start I so desperately needed to start improving my daily life in all ways possible. The atmosphere of love and caring at the Temple is very contagious. I’m extremely grateful to have been part of this and can now pay it forward. I feel fulfilled with new information that will last me a long time to process and once ready, put into good use. I very much hope to return someday. Thank you

Sangeeta Kondogeorgis

Coming to take part in the healing at the Temple was a massive step for me. I had never taken any consciousness altering substances except for alcohol. The perceived effect of the Ayahuasca medicine was a daunting prospect. Upon coming to the Temple, all this disappeared. It is a place where I truly felt loved and protected in all aspects of my experience. Before coming to the Temple, I was also apprehensive about the purging—of how I would feel and whether the toilet would be clean! I can certainly say that I felt the best I ever have after purging and the toilets were immaculate. My experience at the Temple, in a few words, has been phenomenal, life enhancing, self-reflecting, rewarding and above all an experience of unconditional love. This unconditional love has been experienced from the maestras, staff, volunteers, workshop participants, as well as from the Rainforest, world, cosmos, multiverse and above all, from myself. I have experienced every emotion possible in the course of the workshop. There were times I wanted to leave and stop, and times where I couldn’t wait for ceremony and wanted it to last and last. These sentiments were echoed by the majority of the group. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Temple. To anyone thinking about visiting, I urge you to take the step with a few thoughts in mind: have no expectations—only intentions; believe in the medicine of Ayahuasca, the plants and the healers; and trust in and surrender to the healing work. My husband and I will most certainly be back—probably in mango season! On the whole, I have released so much that my spirit is able to fly again. Much love to the Temple.

Demitri Kondogeorgis

One evening after a long day´s work in London, I decided to go onto YouTube and surf. I typed in, “DMT” and a video of a maestra from the Temple of the Way of Light was shown. I clicked on, “view” and she began to sing an ikaros. Her voice and the ikaros vibrated my core which caused me to cry. I didn’t know why I was crying. All I knew was that I needed to go to the Temple. I told my wife what had happened and we booked our place a few days later. I didn’t know anything about the diet or what preparation I needed to do prior to Ayahuasca. I soon found out that the preparation was difficult, but got easier and was well worth it. My experience at the Temple of the Way of Light was beyond anything I can express in words, but I will try. The Temple is amazing, fantastic, life-changing, phenomenal, all-loving, non-judgmental, peaceful, humbling and friendly. These are just a handful of words to describe the feelings I get when I think of the Temple. The healers are the most hardworking and loving people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. The staff is absolutely awesome. I want to come back. It´s a beacon of love and light for anyone who chooses to rediscover who they truly are. Before coming to the Temple, my life was preparation for the emergence of my true being, which is pure love and light.

Kathy McDonnell

I came to the Temple by mere happenstance. There was not a lot of thought given to what I was preparing to do. Still, this experience has been a game changer! It is not for the faint of heart. The medicine is mucho powerful and it revealed a lot of things about and to me. I feel like I know my place in this world. This healing has been short of phenomenal. I have addressed a “chronic” gynecological issue and think that despite Western doctors’ opinions, I am truly on the mend. I´ve lost about thirty unnecessary pounds. I feel weak but full of hope and medicine—a necessary thing for me. Keep up the good work!

Ben Billa

Over the course of the past several years, I’ve tried numerous methods to heal after a traumatic family situation. I saw conventional doctors, therapists, naturopaths and neurofeedback specialists. I attended an ayurvedic retreat and a vipassana retreat. I made progress but nothing provided the relief I sought. After my second ceremony at the Temple, I felt healed. By the end of the ceremony, I was laughing about events that before had provoked a seemingly unending stream of anger, resentment, bitterness and despair. In subsequent ceremonies, I continued to receive profound healing for my body, mind and soul. I was gifted innumerable insights that will serve me for the rest of my life. Outside of the ceremonies, it was a joy to interact with the staff, maestros and my fellow travellers. To say that my 12 days at the Temple was life changing doesn´t do it justice. It truly has to be experienced to be believed.

Jacob Krag

I joined the retreat without any previous experience or expectations of Ayahuasca. The power of the medicine just blew me out of the water. I had no idea the experience was such hard work! However, at the end of the workshop, it sort of came together and the experience became lighter and more pleasurable. It is too early to tell whether any long term healing and transformation took place. However, I have a strong feeling that is has. If so, I will be back for more. Thanks for a great experience.

Natascha Laing

My time at the Temple was everything and more than I expected. I connected deeply with the peacefulness of nature and songs of the jungle throughout the day and night. Then, the healer´s songs weaved us together with the vibrations of love, sang us back into harmony with ourselves, while nature gently unraveled us from the chaos with which we arrived. The difference in our group from when we arrived until now is night and day. The experience and depth of the healers is profound, creating a safe and trusting space for us to go through our experiences. Spending this time at the Temple makes me realize that it is possible to live well in love, peace and harmony. I wish for everybody to experience this—and to remember. To remember how we can be as a people, how to give, how to love, how to sing, how to feel the vibrations of life and how to be the vibration of love, joy and celebration. The Shipibo people may be here to save us from our own destruction, and bring us back into the life of love and harmony with the grace and beauty of their songs and their ancient medicinal wisdom. Thank you to all who have made this Temple a reality we can share.

Jutta Laing

A unique journey through darkness, chaos and restlessness into light, calm, peace and acceptance to what is. Words seem limiting to describe this experience of invisible worlds revealing their existence. The spirit world is made tangible and acceptable. A truly humbling and unique experience. I am deeply grateful and feel blessed to have received such unconditional love. Iraku– Thank You.

Helane Boyd

My journey to the Temple of the Way of Light was an amazing experience. I felt as if I had traveled back in time and embarked upon an inward journey to connect with my soul. To heal traumas that had left holes in my energy field, the magic of the plant spirits also connected me to nature and childhood memories flooded leak back.

I will say the workshop is not for the faint hearted and courage is necessary to face issues that I would rather not. However, once faced the reward is a sense of peace and purpose. The love, care and empathy from the shamans, the group and the wonderful staff was truly uplifting. I will take all this with me and never forget the experience.

Nick Boyd

My experience at the Temple was great. I found it a great place for personal growth and transformation. The staff are a great bunch of people who really care about everyone. The healing that is possible here is out of this world! The Maestras and Maestros are amazing with a strong connection to the plant spirit teachers.

I could not imagine a better place to work with this powerful medicine. I am truly grateful for my time here and hope to return someday to further my personal growth.

Marco Salvatori

Thank you for this nurturing experience. During my stay at the Temple I could release all the physical and emotional stress I had accumulated over the years. This is life taking a heavy weight out of my back. My spirit was positively nurtured as well.

Thank you for the great experience. There is no doubt that the people at the Temple of the Way of Light work from the heart to heal humanity’s heart.


My experience at the Temple would have to be claimed as one in a lifetime! From day one I felt looked after and knew that all my needs were catered for. The organization of the retreat and the ceremonies are excellent and I couldn’t think of a better place to experience the healing power of Ayahuasca. The surrounding environment is also prefect. The staff and especially the healers are so amazing with so much love to give. You really do feel loved here and it will be an experience I will never forget.

What an amazing place.

Jameson McDonnell

Wow! I felt stuck at home with my everyday life. I needed something to break it all up and to have a fresh new start and the Temple gave me that. I think I can go back home with more patience and discipline to make my life a lot more enjoyable and to deal with everyday city life. And to bring back some light to what can be a dark place sometimes. During the ceremonies I felt a lot was released and felt a lot lighter after with a lot of joy, and connection to others. And I think I can deal with problems that life brings a lot more easily. I really feel I have been healed in a lot of ways and that was my intention from the beginning. Thank you to all the healers involved- the most amazing loving caring people I have never met. Much love and respect, I will never forget how hard you have worked for all of us as a group. The Temple is a magical place. Thank you for everything. God bless!

Vladimir Dolezal

My story is the story of forgiveness. The “mother” took me back under her wings. She gave me all the love of the universe, showed me the dark corners of my soul and showed me the way to forgive myself for all I have and haven´t done. She showed me the way of light and the power of darkness. She taught me how to balance the two and their roles. I was shown the power and potential of human consciousness, allowing me to experience the beauty of transforming the power of darkness into light with the intention of love. She let me experience the greatest gift one can receive—the light of giving. This is giving from the heart, without conditions attached, out of pure joy and with an unquenchable desire to share the beauty of light. I feel blessed. I feel emotional. I feel grateful. I feel content. I feel loved and I feel love towards all creation, as well as the perfection nature offers us and the imperfections that humans bring into our minds. I feel free of my fears and ready to embrace the remnants of my mind chatter. I feel happy and joyous—ready to float on that river of life—exploring its twists and turns, dealing with the obstacles along the way, ready to receive even more blessings and share the light of the candle even in the darkest spots. So much has been revealed to me in these few days. I´ve learned that words are just a faint memory captured on a piece of paper. Thank you for your service to truth!

Cesar Gomez

I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived in Peru but when I set foot in the jungle, I began to feel that I was here for a purpose.  With each day passing I felt closer to nature and more in tune with the inner demons that were haunting me, the healing had begun.  At the end of my time at the temple I felt like a new man.  I had answers to questions I never new I had.  I now feel ready to go back to my like and utilize the work I have done here.  I would like to thank everyone at the Temple from the maestros /maestras to the volunteers, everyone was fantastic!  At the end of my time at the temple I felt like a new man.

Juanita Benedicto

I came here, called by Ayahuasca, for a few things I wanted to repair, restore and heal.  In the process of healing with those things, I learned of what holds me back in life.  I have been given a glimpse of paradise and true alignment, and now the continued work I need to do to get there.  I thought I had my act together – but now the veil had been pulled back and I realize how much growth is possible.

I am forever grateful for the insights and healing over the past 10 days.  The journey has just begun.  I will carry trust as the torch to guide my way.

Daniel Barnes

To Matthew and Klara, thank you for your vision, I don’t want to go into spiritual clichés, but you had the means and tools at the right time in human existence.  I wish you guys the best and I’ll be back.

Nikki Kelber

I could never have imagined how profound and absolutely extraordinary my experience at the Temple would be. From the moment I arrived I felt the magic of the special place.  The maestros and maestras sincerely care about each and everyone’s healing process taking the time to consult and prescribe the necessary plant remedies and Icaro’s to work alongside the Ayahuasca medicine. Through their guidance, love and special healing abilities coupled with the medicine, I have healed and evolved and feel like I have come out on the other side.

Immense gratitude and admiration and appreciation for Matthew and Klara for the gift they have given me.  Much Love!!


I am so grateful to everyone at the temple for such a profound and loving experience.  I felt like I was coming home. I arrived believing that anger dominated my life.  Through the medicine, the healers and the group I rediscovered the Big Love – the prime mover of everything good.  I can’t imagine what I was so pissed off about!

While the healing was necessary and powerful and sometimes painful I discovered a much deeper connection and transformation than I ever thought possible – lessons from the plants. I hope to study more to understand what they are trying to tell us right here, right now.  I am so grateful to be aware, even if I don’t yet understand.

I thank you Matthew for having the courage to create such a sacred place.  I hope to contribute in my own time and my own way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Devendra Sahader

Before I came I felt I needed to work some more with the plant and the healer and came with a cloud over me.  I am so happy to testify that I am so much happier lighter and truly elevated.

Matthew, you have an excellent outlet that so many of us need.  Keep up the good work.  Lots of love Devendra

Amelia Hoseason

My time at the Temple was amazing.  I learned a lot about ayahuasca and the Shipibo people.  I also managed to get rid of some very old things and learned lots of new things.  Its hard to describe what has happened to me here but I have loved and valued my time here.  I would love to return and hope to soon.

Thank you Maestras and Maestros, volunteers and workers.

Ayahuasca.  Thank you

Ali Ansari

My stay at the Temple was beyond my expectations!  I will never forget these days in all my life.  I got what I came for and a lot more!

Paul Quilter

On arriving at the Temple I was a bit apprehensive of what to expect from my experience here.  After my long research and finding the Temple it was all I could have wanted as this was my first experience with Ayahuasca.  The Temple is filed with so much love and compassion for all who are here. I came to the Temple following quite a troubled existence back in the UK.  My mind has been cluttered fr years with emotional issues and so forth.  I have been on my path for the last eight years, now being 40 years old I feel I can really progress with my life, now, spiritually and mentally.  I would like to thank all the maestro’s and maestras for all their hard work healing me, the volunteers, and all the staff and most of all Matthew for giving me this chance to change my life.  I’m hoping to return again soon to carry on with the transformation, maybe on the volunteer program.  Love and peace to all.

Jamael Rahill

12 days ago I arrived at the Temple lost and felt like a big cloud was following me.  Within days I started changing completely.  I changed a lot over the days here.  The work that is done here can save humanity.  It saved me.  It saved my inner child.  The medicine gave me powerful insights on my life constantly.  It is overwhelming.  I’m so blessed I spent 12 days here and worked with this medicine.  It works if you let it.  The worse thing you can do is fight and resist the process.  So take the red pill and go see how far the rabbit hole goes.  I am a new man today.  This work is equivalent to 10, 15, 20 years of meditation, justs downloaded in a few weeks. So powerful.

David Lilly

I was so happy to receive a last minute invite due to a cancellation and when I received the info package regarding the preparation background and ethics behind The Temple of the Way of Light I realized it was more than luck that had brought me there.  I very much connected with the concept of combining the dualistic nature of male and female energies incorporating both maestras and maestros in the ceremonies and healing processes.  This also comforted me somewhat as I was travelling alone and liked the idea of a more gentle and caring approach to the process which the maestras surely brought.  At the same time though I was astonished by this level of care give by maestros also – they were strong in every way but had a very gentle approach also and were truly satisfied to see me progress.  This thoughtfulness was also extended by the locals working there – always glad to chat and always happy to see you’ve felt positively while there.

Listening to Matthew talk passionately about the work and direction to the Temple of the Way of Light and the Arkana Alliance it was immediately obvious that what I had come to believe regarding nature and its importance in our lives resonated in the ethos of the Temple and those who work there.  The way of Matthew, Klara, the workshop coordinator and volunteers are truly inspired by the very forces of nature that facilitate the healing processes through the maestras\maestros who show astonishing strength both physical and energetically in their work and their abiding love, happiness and positivity in their approach to the healing.

My experience in plant healing at the Temple definitely differed to my expectations but the insights gained further confirmed the power of mother Ayahuasca and her ability to deliver what is needed rather than what you want when coming face to face with those parts of you needing healing.

Premjith Manapetty

Came to the Temple big question and a lot of doubt.  The decision of coming itself was a bib issue with my family as they were scared at what might happen here. The introduction and inception was well thought out, did not feel any anxiety.  The explanation of the process and ceremony was great and clear.

After the first ceremony got the feeling of what a ceremony is and its structure.  The next few were ups and downs, or I was struggling to find the dosage. All is well that ends well, by the 5th ceremony I got the grasp of the medicine and how it works, and got a good download of information.
Thanks to the Temple for such a good environment that is safe and nurturing.

Lucy Arnott

It’s my second time here now and I’m so glad of my return.  The maestros and maestras are so divine, beautiful, warm and powerful.  I do notice the change in me from last years, my processes deeper, the plant medicine guiding me in all the right direction.  I am lighter and filled with more courage to return home with qualities I’ve longed to embody within, but have been just out of reach have finally landed in my heart.  YAY.  The temple is such a beautiful place to experience deem and soulful healing.  How lucky I am to be able to be here.  The world needs this work, the world is asking for this work.

Niklas Albrecht

Life changing! That’s all I can say.

Tammy Foster-Dias

Beyond describable words!!!! The level of support and love from the maestras and maestos was tremendously glorious. Such appreciation for the healing and joy that was visible during ceremony…intradependancy, union among…

Ecstatic cosmic Laboratory Natura

Mind Blowin…

Paul Chum

The Temple is a very spiritual place.  The experience I had opened up insights I needed to move forward in my life.  The attention of care by the staff from top to bottom was given with love. The ceremonies were inspiring to experience and you get to see how powerful and loving the Shipibo culture is.  I admire the work they are doing with saving the Amazon and permaculture. I have enjoyed my experience universally and look forward to returning one day.

Eliza Reilly

Deep in the Amazon forest (from a Western eye this is what it felt like) I dragged my lonely callus bones into the unknown jungle to a place called the Temple of the Way of Light.

Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca.

The ancient Shipibo maestras\os have declared, it is time for our planet to share this wise vine with anyone who is seeking a deeper healing for their soul and this echoing from our Mother Earth.

Breath.  All my darkest fears now highlighted by a spot lamp from the Temples community.  My teeth begin to chatter, jaw drops fully, then I feel my white pearlies run out of my mouth only to runback to my same old dying soul:  don’t be ridiculous my vocals scream!  STAY.

These are ancient wise Shamans instinctive doctors healing from messages directly through Mother Nature.  The medicine is not document or textbook knowledge but an inherited craft.  This is the place I went to explore – a one off lifetime experience so unique and raw…look out….

The light body work/Ayahuasca vine comes beaming out of my eyes.  I’ll now share an insight into my first experience.  The Maestras and Elias, Maestro lifted my entire left energetic blockage from my left side out of my body to the top of my crown and out of my head.  When I asked him what happened he mentioned that he was clearing my negative thoughts and patterns.  Yes Yes Yes pull them out that is exactly what I am struggling with.  I felt my body being cut from head to toe perfectly sliced into equal portions of a rich, moist chocolate cake (something that is definitely not part of the Ayahuasca diet) yes it’s magic as you feel those cravings disappearing and being shed, racked away from the soils of the Temples land.  As I noticed these old fragmented body parts being carved down , the domino effect of falling away from all its attached parts: head, chest, stomach, hips, thighs, ect.  To be seen as  “light”.  We are light bodies and souls, nothing else, human vehicles being carried through life experiences.  I realize happiness is truly what matters.  This has been a sacred ground for healing, after years of searching for answers I finally found a wonderful safe haven to be loved and feel love again.  The massages, floral baths, laughter, community and rituals at the Temple of the Way of Light is healing wounded people, the Amazon and Mother Earth’s wounded Heart.


I came to the Temple with no background or experience with Ayahuasca based on a recommendation from a friend.  Three months ago I was depressed to the point life had no joy or adventure in it and I felt lost in terms of where my life was going.  Based on some internet research I decided to take a chance on coming here and I am so glad I did.  Right from the start I had a very positive vibe about the Temple, based on the setting and the staff.  Nothing seemed to happen in my first few ceremonies but in the fourth ceremony I felt a powerful shift in my attitude and outlook which far outweighed any physical discomfort from the medicine.  I am now happy and excited by the opportunities that I have and cannot rule out returning some day to explore the other benefits of the medicine more deeply.  The Temple is a truly magic place.  Thank you for saving my life.

Tessa Brohart

My journey to the Temple became arduous once we arrived in the area by boat.  The walk in was made in wet wool socks and overlarge rubber boots, a recipe for foot problems.  Being slow to move and plodding along behind the other participants I soon lagged behind the indigenous men and women carrying our luggage who easily over took me.  Yet two slowed, a young man and woman, supporting me as I flagged in my stride as I was confronted by yet another incline.  Finally with their support and encouragement I arrived at the Maloka my one foot severely blistered and feeling emotionally overwhelmed with gratitude to have arrived at the spiritual center I’ve been guided to seek.  A Maestra both approached me, supportive and encouraging, welcoming, holding my emotions without judgement, accepting.  My wounds were tended readily on arrival.

This initial part of my journey at the Temple of the Way of Light is a metaphor for my next 12 days.  My journey has been one of physical and emotional healing, not easily endured at times.  I have been supported and encouraged all the way by the presence of staff and the Maestras/os.  Jungle medicine healed my feet and I purged in a variety of ways, let go of trauma and grief, reclaimed my shadow side and celebrate how wonderful my body really is.  Ayahuasca is a powerful spiritual medium and her Shamans have deepened my experience.  The ceremonies are exquisite and meaningful on a number of levels individually, collectively and globally.  I am changed, I have been cleansed and I have been tested by fire and love, gifted with self acceptance and awareness.  Yes and this is only right now, until the next time Mother Aya.

My gratitude to the Maestras/os for their dedication to pursue their calling and spread their gifts, to Matthew and Klara for facilitating and creating the Temple. Namaste.

Lyndsey Sanner

I feel so much gratitude I don’t know where to begin.  To think places like this exist!  I have had a life changing experience. I was so lost and depressed when I first came, I see things in a totally different light!

I hope this place stays alive, I will spread the world.  So many people would really benefit from coming here.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to making this place alive!

Frederick J.  Osterhagen

Every aspect of the Temple has been considered as a support to the healing process. The Temple has succeeded in proving to be a very safe and supportive environment.  The facilitator was exceptionally supportive, attentive and loving.

Kelly Alexander

I came to the Temple physically, spiritually and emotionally depleted.  The entire experience at the Temple fed and nourished my body, heart and soul.  The Maestras provided unconditional love of the divine feminine and the maestros also provided love and support the divine masculine.

I felt held and nurtured the entire time.  The high prana food, the time for rest and relaxation, the ceremonies and course the medicine, all created a safe, protected container for deep cellular change and healing.

My intent is to come back each year to continue on my healing transformational journey.

Albena Vaseva

I have felt transformation inside me after the first ceremony.  What I have seen and felt throughout every ceremony has given me the answers I have been looking for a very long time.  I am now experiencing clarity and understanding which I thought I never would.  My perception of life has totally changed every single worry.  I am so looking forward to getting on with my life now.

Ben Hancock

The Temple is not for every case.  If you are looking to simply get high in the jungle you should go somewhere else.  The maestros and maestras here take their work very seriously.  The focus is healing.  I should also say that at times it is not easy.  I feel like it’s been a bit of a working holiday.  I just spent two weeks working very intensely on myself.  To the point that I felt sleep deprived and exhausted, but it’s that sort of good exhaustion you feel after running a marathon or wrapping a movie or something.  Intense.  I would say that if your quest is to heal or at the very least, discover the true nature of Ayahuasca and the authentic shamanic healing culture that is associated with it, the Temple should be near or at the top of the list for consideration.  Come with an open mind and surrender.  There is so much beauty and love here you can taste it in the air. Jakonshama!

Radiah Jaffer

This experience is like nothing I have been through before from the food to the educational value of Ayahuasca, I will remember this place forever.

I will certainly be recommending this place to friends and family.  The course has changed my perspective on life and I feel a connection to nature that is very deep and inspiring.

Jack Anderson

Came to the Temple with no expectations and with an open mind.  And had no idea I’d be blown away with the love, care and kindness.  Absolutely in way over my experience.  The Temple is a magical place.  Made some friends that I’ll keep for life.

The Maestros/as not only are they the most caring people in the world their super talented in every aspect and I’m totally aware they are from another planet!!  It’s ok the secret is safe with me.

Sheetal Patel

This is my second time at the Temple and I feel many changes since last time have been implemented that have made the experience even better!

The food was absolutely amazing – a lot more awesome than last time.

The Maestras and maestros were fantastic.  Beautiful genuine people with amazing healing powers.  I will definitely come back…

Gabriel “Emile” Gauthier

My three months at the Temple, although not quite done yet, has been a major turning point of spiritual and personal transformation and evolution.  I feel I have gained so mch from this experience and plan on coming back for another three months in August if possible and will hopefully have learned much more spanish by then.  This is a safe place to come if you want to break through some major spiritual, emotional and/or physical blockages.  I feel complete gratitude for the Maestras and Maestros for guiding, protecting, healing and empowering me in ways I have never conceived to be possible.  They have dedicated their lives to helping and healing others and this is the honest, most noble cause a person can follow because by helping others they are creating a rippling effect of love and supporting the contagious power of raising consciousness to a higher vibrations that is more harmonious with that of mother nature and all that is .

I want to send a big thank you to the people behind the scenes like Matthew and Klara and knowing that they have created a place like this is deeply inspiring.  It has been a challenge at some points in my experience here and Ayahuasca is not at all a medicine that should be used recreationally.  It is a medicine that should be used in a respectful ceremonial context for deep healing and that is definitely what is provided here.  I have changed immensely since I arrived here in the beginning of April; my heart has opened up so much more and I feel I have let go of negative energies that have possessed my spirit for quite some time.  I am excited to see my family and loved ones again so they can view the changes also.

Malaika Darville

I first came to Ayahuasca about 12 years ago with a Shaman who apprenticed in South America and as always She is an amazing teacher plant who has opened my mind and helped me to bring awareness to areas in my life which needed attention.  I have since had many enlightening experiences with Ayahuasca but I never really understood 1.  My relationship to Her and 2.  What it was she wanted from me.  I came to the Temple firstly because I wanted to experience Ayahuasca with the Divine Feminine – the Maestras and to also experience Her in a cultural Context where She comes from.  Well the ceremonies and power of Ayahuasca certainly taught me a lot about myself, my past lives, and also the History of the South – the REAL history over 100.000 years ago.  Unfortunately I was unable to stay in the Maloka during most of the ceremonies being possessed by the fiercely independent spirit of a Wild Cat – a Puma Mama in all her Beauty and radiance.  The Icaros still penetrated deeply into my spirit and I cannot express the gratitude I feel for the downloads I received from Gaia herself.  I was left feeling exhausted, elated and totally blown away and bumbled to my knees so I purged in ways I have never previously experienced with recurring menstrual blood.  I was amazed when hearing other peoples sharing what had happened for them and it made me reflect on how Ayahuasca seems to work clearing out dense negativity first and then slowly opening you up to multidimensionality as you are ready.  I will be forever grateful for all my experiences at the Temple from laughing with the Maestras to dancing with the Maestros and connecting to both GAIA and my human family.  AH Homitakyasin.

Sanjaih Bokaria

I have been a seeker of the unknown all my like!  Meditating, visiting Gurus, Masters, Ashrams ever since I was 7 years old.  For most parts of my life pain had become a catalyst, an incurable condition known in medical parlance as Ankylosing Spondylytis , to seek answers in the spiritual realm.  In all my learning I became convinced that the body identity is an illusion, and that our true being is one with GOD, Cosmos and the whole Universe.

But Knowledge alone wasn’t enough; one also needs the experience of the knowing.  It was not a coincidence that I was drawn by the plan of the divine Mother to learn and experience what Ayahuasca had to teach me.  I had begun the diet program well in advance and being 12 days in a spiritual healing centre in Brazil prior to coming to the temple helped me open my Spiritual Centre’s (chakras).  What I eventually went through, saw, felt, heard and experienced cannot be described and words, for how can one express experiencing TRUTH!  I am humbled beyond words for receiving infinite unconditional LOVE from all the shamans who are the voice of the external Soul Singing and bringing the Magnificent Magic of the Divine through their Icaros.

They say the mystical plant will give you what you need but not what you want, but I got more that what I wanted, I wanted to experience the oneness with the divines and was churned, molded, chiseled, harnessed, energized, liberated and was made to journey through many realms in what looked like timelessness in which many centuries could have passed as if my entire being has prepared to witness the great descent of the lord of destruction, who manifested in my body, before I became one with the entire, cosmos free from all burdens, all desires, all emotions, just pure Bliss of being the whole universe, and in this great panorama of revelation I saw my ego hanging there so tiny so unimportant so useless, so finite in comparison to the infinite that was him.  I saw and experienced my body as the whole cosmos and the Ego of my body filtering around like a tiny particle.  The doors of the eternal Light I love have been flung open and it is up to me to see the absurdity and foolishness of hanging on to the body identity.  This “the Mother of all plants, Ayahuasca” channeled into you and soul love through thoughtful preparation and ceremonies with the great knowledge of the Shamans at the temple is the spiritual awakening centre of the world.  Thank you Divine Mother.  Thank you dear Maestras and Maestros and thank you Matthew.

Jeff Bustard

The Temple of the Way of Light is the real deal.

Kate Patten

The most amazing experience of my life. I arrived at the Temple with trepidation and excitement, but even before i arrived i could feel the love and warmth from the staff. Everything we needed to know was explained to us very well. I arrived with intention of cleaning my physical mental, emotional and spiritual blockages, which was quite a big ask for one workshop.

The healers are absolutely incredible. To experience the work of the shamans, first hand was a profound honour.Their love and compassion is gobsmacking! The ceremonies were magical; a little scary at first. The ayahuasca tasted progessively worse but the effects were deeply heaing for me.

I know that ayahuasca is still working with me and for me. After the workshop finished a number of gifts came to me via the few lovely people who were here for the three day integration period that we stayed for. These were tools to help my progression on my path to find my animal helpers and realizing what my next workshop will be: luckily a bit closer to home.

I am certain that I shall be returning to the temple in the fairly near future. The most astounding thing about my stay was feeling my heart chakra healing. The power and sight of the shamans was astonishing and also seeing the way that the workshop members were being healed was stupendous. Thank you so much.


Carley Dowell

Journeying to the Temple has been the most profound healing experience of my life. The fufillment I have been seeking has finally happened. I am so gratefull and humble by this journey. The time spent here has far surpassed any expectations I could have possibly had. This is the true definition of unconditional love and support. Our group was amazing and I have created some true friendships that I know will last a lifetime.

My deep level of healing and processing was well supported by the loving interactions with others and the opportunity for solitude. The dieta, the medicine, the maestras and maestros (Absolutely amazing!!! They are all very powerfull in their own unique ways. I had a very special connectio to Diogenes. He is the most extraordinary healer I have ever experienced. It has been through this process that I have understood that at the root of my suffering has been my inability to trust both myself and others. Mother Ayahuasca has taught me to trust and I am humbled by her power.

Even through all the tears, heartache, and purging she gave me the strength and courage to trust the process. The spirit of this medicine has shown me my path. I am so grateful to Matthew for the hard work and loving nature.

Chris Mount

My stay at the Temple was incredibly insightful and inspiring into the world I’ve carrying my whole life. No one can really understand what I’ve seen and I can only imagine what journeys my friends have been on. The helpers and crew, the maestras and maestros have introduced me into a world I may never understand and I thank all of you. I look forward to seeing everyone again this side or the other.

Petra Klein

It was my first experience with ayahuasca. She opened me a view to a wonderful world. She was so gentle with me. The first ceremonies have been an introduction to me. She showed me how beautiful the normaly invisible world is. Before i couldn’t imagine that. In my last ceremony, i only had 5, she answered my questions a very kind. She is really intelligent, wise and creative.

I would like to thank to all people that made these workshop possible and comfortable. Thanks to the staff and volunteers for guidance through the ceremonies, for cooking delicious meals, for washing the cloth, for guidance during the ceremonies to the toilet, thank you for the maestras and maestros for their powerful and lovely work to us, and thank to other participants , so nice people, so cordial.

Minno Rahhman

After staying at the Temple for a 12 day workshop. I would have to say that anybody thinking or planning to take ‘aya’ – should go nowhere else! The sacred space that has been created is a beautiful thing ultimately i believe it is the perfect place for anyone. The introduction is gentle and the work is thourogh. My own journey was amazing and enchanting at times – but challenging at others. Every step of the way facilitator was there. I know i will i will return to the Temple someday – and I recommend to anyone and everyone – be a part of this amazing experience.

Mark Mawson

When I decided to come to the Temple, all I had in mind was to try ayahuasca. I seemed to have missed the whole point. Ayahuasca is only part of what you get at the Temple. You get the comradery of a fantastic group of people. You get to delve into your own psyche, reflect and change. You get to rid your body of all the rubbish that has been pumped into it over many years. It is just so much more than I expected.

I only hope that I can do justice to what I have experienced here and change my life for the better when I return home. I would love to stay but life gets in the way unfortunately.

I can only sum up my experience with a great big THANK YOU to all here at the temple. And it is not even over yet.


I had a profound spiritual experience at the Temple of the Way of Light, which is what I had been searching for. The way Ayahuasca, Mother aya opened me up and broke away my default workd shield, was what my soul required. I have found a new internal strength and ability to connect with others. The safe and nurturing presence given by all the maestros, maestros and staff have made it an experience. I will want to repeat and to recommend to all my friends. Thanks for the memory of a lifetime!

Deah Thompson

The Temple is such an amazing place. As soon as I stepped foot on the grounds I could feel the healing start to take place. There is so much love here. The healers are so full of joy and laughter and there are seven of them. Seven!
How lucky I feel to be a part of this place. The ceremonies for me were calm and comforting. I will miss hearing the powerful Ikaros. I am leaving the place with calm and a clearer mind, a knowing of I am where I am supposed to be. I believe this is a place for everyone to heal. Thank you so much! I hope to visit again soon.

Luke Williams

I highly recommed the Temple to anyone seeking a life changing, transformative and ultimately healing spiritual experience. It has left me with a refreshed attitude, greater levels of compassion, deep personal insights, human relation insights and a level of wholeness that I don’t think I’ve ever felt. I have made many great friends and feel truly blessed to have been a part of this monumental workshop.
Thank you to the Temple of the Way of Light. Keeping love alive.

Jiveny Blair-West

Visiting the Temple was such a humbling experience, filled with beauty and nourishing care. I felt that the healers were of genuine integrity and really eager to help the visitors of the Temple expand. The ceremonies took me to other places providing me with the mystic experiences and cosmic understanding I needed to heal. I enjoyed the daily flower baths and the simplicity of life here. I never wanted to leave.

Walking through the jungle and reconnecting with nature also allowed me to process my experiences as I needed to. These experiences have definitively motivated my ability to love, trust, the past and present, restoring my love for life. As my spiritual journey continues I look forward to coming back to the Temple again and again and again!

I am also eager to recommend the Temple’s workshops to friends and family as I believe that such experiences are so valuable to anyone willing to explore the worlds beyond this reality.

Jack Eden

I came to the Temple as whilst I was happy in my life, but there was something missing. A gap that I did not know why it was there or how to fill it. I leave the Temple with the gap filled with a new way of how I look at life and myself. My life has been transformed and now has a deeper meaning. I arrived thinking that I was okay and I leave having found the need to love myself. Before coming here I did not and I never analised it.

I cried, I purged, at times I was in pain but I have grown and words can not express how deeply greatful I am.

Thank you for listening to your hearts and creating this healing temple. You have saved me.

Jo Eden

Amazing experience that has satisfied me in everyway. I walked through the temple gates a very different person from the one leaving. I feel as if I had been given the greatest gift of knowledge and a voyage into my self. I reconnected with my body and my head. I feel truly present, thank you. Also stopped smoking, a nasty habit I had for 30 years and built the new me. I so look forward to going home and practicing all I have learnt while here and want to return.

The name Temple of the Way of Light is highly appropriate. I think all in this group have definitely experienced “the Light”.

With much thanks, lots of love and huge gratitude.


I was having a lot of stress and anger about some bad things going on in my life. I had actually spent all day, every day upset and angry for the last 4 months about an extremely negative life experience. Getting and staying angry for long periods of time when life deals me a bad situation is normal for me. I came to the workshop to transform myself from anger to a much better outlook on life. I was actually shocked that by the sixth ceremony, my anger had been totally removed. That was a really big deal considering how upset I was. I stopped hating the people who I felt had wronged me. That was also a major transition to let all the hate I had go. It all just melted. I was also very upset about my bad childhood. The healers melted my story of being wronged, harmed, and not as good as other people. I feel like a totally different person without carrying a bad childhood story.

So I had two very major life attitude transitions as a result of the healers’ work on me. I feel much more present and able to face the world without all the negativity I was holding toward life and people. I already enjoy being alive much more.

Elizabeth Williams

My stay at the Temple was extraordinary! The facilities are clean, nice, and well maintained. I felt like the facilitators went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that all guests were well taken care of and well loved.

The healers were very loving and very humble, yet extremely powerful. All of the pains in my body have been healed as well as various mental and emotional aspects. This is by far the best experience I’ve ever had with ayahuasca. I highly recommend the Temple to everyone. If you are looking for an authentic, loving, powerful experience, this is the place to go.

Jennifer Lee

My decision to come to the Temple was made just one week before the beginning of the retreat. I new little about ayahuasca but when I came across the website I knew it was the ideal next step on my spiritual journey. From the outset I received support and guidance from Matthew via email who responded quickly to my questions and made my last minute logistical planning easy and painless.

When I arrived at the Temple I immediately felt a sense of peace wash over me and as I had my first refreshing floral bath while watching the purple and fuchsia dragonflies buzz around me, I felt that I had landed in a magical wonderland!

The ceremonies are difficult to describe, such is the depth of their scope. Some nights were gentle processes where realizations about life and my place in it would dawn on me & enlighten me in the most profound ways. Others were difficult, with physical discomfort shining the light on aspects of myself that I needed to let go of. I encountered and moved through spiritual and physical blocks that were holding me back from living an authentic life. All the while, the healers worked tirelessly and lovingly on me and the other participants – their light, egolessness and infectious giggles showing us what life can and should be like.

I received answers to profound questions I have been asking all my life, but more than that, I received wisdom from Mother Ayahuasca that I feel will only become apparent to me in the coming weeks and months as I process my experience at the Temple.

I am humbled and eternally grateful to the healers, the incredible facilitators, the Temple staff and my fellow participants for enabling a deep healing that I have been seeking for a very long time. I am excited and committed to continuing my exploration with the magnificent, all knowing Mother Ayahuasca.

Stephen Fiyalko

A transformational experience beyond words. What does one do when we find what the heart and soul have been yearning for? That is what I have discovered here. It is not an easy journey, but no more that life itself, in a simple and beautiful place. I felt safe and supported by a team of caring, skilled and experienced staff who helped me open the door to the depths of my being and let go of the baggage I no longer needed. I was then put back together whole again, better than before. I was surprised and challenged by what I found here, and found the whole experience to be truly rewarding.

Masayoshi Matsuda

I had a really life changing experience here at the Temple. I feel that I was healed of everything I wanted to heal and I was able to experience everything I asked for. It was an amazing, but really challenging two weeks, full of learning, discovery and healing.

I really could not be who I am today without this temple.

Luke Szabo

The most positive caring, love filled place I have ever been that is also surrounded by the most majestical beauty of nature you can imagine. Amazing healing with beautiful people goes on here, real healing with absolutely real transformations. The facilities, people and healing that happens at the temple is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

The experiences and growth I’ve achieved while here have been phenomenal. Anyone who is seeking unconditional love and happiness should stop in at the Temple of the Way of Light. The love here is very real and honest. Thank you for playing a major role in my transformation.

Kate Smith

It was a perfect choice for my first ayahuasca experience. Gentle, loving, supportive energy pervades the grounds at the temple and all those involved in the place. The last 12 days were extremely challenging for me. I wanted to leave many times…but of course true transformation is never easy. Without the master healers, the support of the facilitators and the serenity of the setting I would not have been able to make the changes or realize the life altering insights that I did. Thank you for creating such a beautiful place!

Robyn Azimai

I never thought I would partake in an ayahuascca journey. It was something that I did not know too much of and if it had not been for a few friends I would never had conceived it someday for myself. The one thing that pulled me to the test were the healers, the day I saw the photos on the website I knew I had to come here.

The experience has been far greater than I ever anticipated and much more. I am certain when I go back home and integrate this journey, greater insights will reveal themselves.

Its also hard work and not easy to be in the presence of so much purging and dealing with your physical body issues at the same time was not often very comforting. However, the simple stuff and supporting love I always felt from the staff, I found made me able to go to deeper levels as the letting go continued throughout the ritual.

Perhaps it is not for everyone, but I am so happy that I came and will certainly recommend this place to those who (two illegible words) in a life changing experience.

Alon Warburg and Yotam Warburg

Once we were drawn to the ayahuasca experience we connected the Temple and made reservations for a workshop. Despite some doubts we transferred the fees and arrived at the temple in late September. Upon arrival we were greeted with hugs and kisses by the maestros, expressing love and compassion which was the underlying sentiments for our entire stay at the Temple.

We can no praise enough the work and attitude of the entire staff, healers, facilitators and volunteers. We highly recommend the Temple for anyone considering ayahuasca healing for any purpose.

Sid Robinson

It was a wonderful second helping of transformation. My heart is full of gratitude for the amazing opportunity to receive this medicine and the healing practices of these Shipibo shamans. They are so generous with sharing their work and their love.

I take all of what I received and I know from my previous experience, I am better for having done this. In one ceremony I received an insight that no amount of therapy or any other modality that I know of, could have given me this. A 40 year old wound, healed in one night. Miracles are possible in this space.

Kate Carman

My experience at the Temple of the Way of Light was extremely profound and life changing. Although I tried to come without expectations, the Temple far exceeded those I did have. From the moment I arrived I was in awe of the workshop space & the surrounds & felt blessed to be accepted into the Shipibo community. The jungle atmosphere provided the perfect setting for getting in touch with Mother Ayahuasca & the entire staff were very welcoming, friendly and supportive. The ceremonies were beautiful in every aspect from the maloca (a magnificent structure) to the drinking ceremony, the Maestras/os and the powerful healing icaros they sang. I felt completely safe and supported throughout the entire workshop & had amazing and life changing experiences with the medicine.

The Temple operates on a very professional level, yet they carry a true sense of community by giving back to and supporting the Shipibo people and environment. I truly could not imagine taking ayahuasca in any other setting as I don’t believe the experience could get any better than this. I look forward to my next visit to the Temple and finding other ways I can help this magical place grow to even better potentials. Thank you, I feel truly blessed for the opportunity and look forward to integrating everything I´ve learned into the next phase of my life.

Nancy Del Monaco

I came to the Temple with a dear friend I’ve known since the age of 13, in honor of our approaching 50th birthday.  When another close friend asked me sincerely and incredulously why I would possibly do this, as she had heard, jungle, Peru, take hallucinogens, mosquitos, discomfort with potential vomiting and diarrhea that awaited me.  I explained to her that my life was not working.  I have struggled with depression on and off since my twenties, I need to make more money and get on a new career path and I couldn’t move forward with that, I wanted to be in a satisfying relationship, which has eluded me.  Low self-worth and an inability to step into my power was at the root of it all.  Perhaps I was foolish to believe that this ayahuasca could solve all of this- but I don’t know what else to do, so to the therapy again at $160 an hour for how many years?  Which may or may not work?  I just don’t know any other way.  We discussed phobias and anxieties she’s developed over the years- I asked her if she could make those disappear- wouldn’t she do it?  She gave a resounding “NO” and we laughed.

This ayahuasca experience at the Temple has surpassed all my expectations- the good bad and the ugly.  This is truly a healing center – the power and giving of the five maestras, or women shaman, and two maestros all with separate specialties of knowledge of plants, yet working in synergy is something to behold.  We were given medicine and massages each day twice a day, depending on what was prescribed after consultations.  We were given flower baths daily.  The care and healthy love of the staff, the maestras and our coordinators were unending as you work with ayahuasca.  As someone said ayahuasca requires that you participate in your own healing.  It’s not for the faint hearted, wimps need not apply- but if you are brave and want to make meaningful changes and get profound insights and guidance on how to fulfill your own destiny- heal in order to live more happily- harmoniously.

This is the place, these are the people, and this is a way to that path.  I’m leaving here with hope, gratitude and a clear plan to how to make changes in my life when I return home.  I am profoundly grateful.

Matthew Featherston

I can’t say enough about the value of my time here at the temple.  I have been experiencing rheumatoid arthritis for 8 years.  I believe that rheumatoid arthritis, like other auto-immune disorders, has a significant emotional component.  So I came here to start to heal these hidden emotional issues.  After much research, I chose Temple over other ayahuasca experience options because of the focus on healing, and on the incorporation of the feminine energy in the healing.  I don’ think I could have made a better choice.

Over the 12 day retreat, so much healing has begun, both emotional and physical.  The other participants are continually commenting (on day 11) about the noticeable improvement in my walking ability.  This experience involved healing on so many levels, from so many “directions.”  There’s the healing power of the plant, the incredible love of the maestras and maestros, the special energy of the Temple’s jungle locale, the selfless loving support of the staff, and the individualized medicinal herbs, steam baths, massages, etc; activities prescribed and administered by the maestros and maestras.

If one’s intention is true healing and feels called to the ayahuasca path, then I highly recommend the Temple.  And particularly with those with rheumatoid arthritis, or other autoimmune disorders, I encourage all to experience the healing here (including significant improvement in physical symptoms in just 11 days!) . The Temple will continue to be part of my return to emotional, spiritual, and physical wholeness.
Special thanks to the maestras and maestos, Jairo and the rest of the staff, and Matthew for bringing his vision to life as the Temple.

Justin Forman

Before I left for Peru, my mother asked me what I expected to get out of this experience and I really did not have an answer for her.  I knew that it was a completion for the work I had started with my father 6 years ago but I had no idea what that might look like since my time at the temple I have learned so much about myself and have been able to let go of many past traumas and blocs in my life.  In particular my father and I were able to finish our work together in such a way that we can both focus on helping my brother heal.  In addition we both have new insights about ways to heal relationships with other members of the family.

I feel that through this workshop I have been able to process difficult experiences while being surrounded by complete love, support and respect.  I have been given amazing tools that not only helped me heal, but will also allow me to carry the wonderful energy of this place into the world and positively affect all those I come into contact with.

It was an amazing and profound experience.  The program sequence was very well designed and offered many opportunities for growth and transformation. The healers are absolutely amazing.  Their skill, love and dedication make for incredible and gentle healing experiences.

I believe that this work is exactly what is needed for planetary healing and I am so grateful to the shipibo people and their dedication to this work as well as the staff.

Thank you.

Erin Lonahan

To be honest, this workshop was way more than my wildest expectations.  I feel like paradigms have shifted within me and i cannot wait to take the knowledge, power, wisdom and medicine the plants have given me out into the world.

I love the work you are doing here and i am truly grateful for the way in which the Temple, the jungle, the staff and the plants are transforming the world of consciousness and awakening of mankind, one workshop at a time.

The maestras are magical and have helped me believe again that anything and everything is possible. Tracy and Lucine are the 7th and 8th maestras.  They are such a huge part of the workshop and the way they are able to facilitate this process is what help us reach such profound new truths and healing.  They are the cream of the crop and the temple is VERY lucky to have them.

THANK YOU for creating your vision Matthew!

Khari Allen Lee

The Temple of the Way of Light is a glimpse into our collective future. As a centre of holistic healing and harmonious community, it is both ancient and highly advanced. In this blessed time of tremendous change, the Temple of the Way of Light embodies the ideals of functionality, adaptability and sustainability. To experience life & to bathe one´s self in the energies of this space is to receive confirmation of the paradigm shift & the Golden Age. May all be blessed to experience these divine gifts.

Ken Britt

I feel a new person. I came here somewhat reserved and all I met were so open and attentive I found myself relaxing more and more.  I genuinely love all I’ve met here.  With my fellow spiritual traveller’s I’ve grown close and hope to stay in contact with them for the future.  My experience was life changing, mind expanding and emotionally charged. The maestros and maestras give their all; they truly care, are full of laughter and light and are sublime and mysterious.  The staff are hardworking but are always quick with a salutation and smile.  It was hard work but i have gratitude for what was accomplished during my stay.

Serena Scaglioni

The Temple is such an eye opening, inspiring place. It is organized with great love and care. The grounds are absolutely gorgeous, making my stay really comfortable and easy. I feel like this place is my 2nd home. It was more than I ever could have imagined. I felt nurtured, taken care of, supported, loved – fully allowing me to dive deep into myself, and leave here in the end with such vision, inspiration, fullness and love. The medicine is strong, the Maestras/os are gorgeous beings that shine so much light upon all of us. Diogenes and Papa are power houses! This temple is blessed to have such amazing healers.
Since I´ve been here my neck feels a lot better, I´ve released a ton of stress from my shoulders and my blood pressure returned to normal – the lowest it has ever been.

I´m so ecstatic to continue this work in my life, and will be back to volunteer in the Spring. I feel very drawn to the magic of this land, this temple, this medicine, and I will help to support the growth of the Temple in every way that I can. There really are not enough words to describe my beautiful experience here. It was a pleasure to meet Matthew, I loved hearing him talk, and see and feel his passion in his work.
The world needs more Matthews, Beccas, and Mateos! Sending so much gratitude, love and appreciation. See you in a couple of months when I return!

Scott Davies

What sets the temple of the way of light apart from other ayahuasca retreats is the love and support surrounding the temple.  This starts with all the healers not only generating love and visions during the ceremony but extending throughout the day and entire period of the retreat.

It ends with the staff and volunteers providing support and guidance to make this retreat a truly magical experience.

Guiding both the healers and staff is the facilitator.  We were fortunate to have two of the best, Tracy and Lucine.  These two ladies are truly remarkable and the word facilitator underestimates the role they play.  They were friends, counselors when you needed it but more important they were our guiding light to a more spiritual life.  This place is truly amazing.

Alexey Chagorets

Thank you so much for being the part of my life!  The best part of it actually. My experience was amazing! Truly healing!!  Mind blowing!!! I was literally reborn into new world of light and opportunity.  I’ve got strength and courage and love to reveal my fate. THANK YOU!!


I have been thinking about an ayahuasca experience in the jungle for several years but it’s a real act of trust to put yourself in the hands of other people to guide you in experience this powerful, this personal and this sacred.  When I found the Temple’s website for the first time, I immediately sensed the integrity and the alignment with my spiritual outlook.  I was especially drawn to the feminine component and the focus on healing.  What i found when I got here was utterly consistent with the feeling of the website.  But the depth off the caring, the incredible skill and love of the facilitators, and the power of the maestras/os was beyond anything I could have imagined.  Their love and selflessness is a model I’ll always remember.  And their effect on my healing was profound.

This experience was indescribable.  I especially appreciate that it was so intentional in the way it built, eased and ended with powerful closure. It will color and shape the rest of my life.

Emanuele Mocarelli and Antonino Maiorana

Here at the Temple, Antonino and i were given a chance to experience a deep process of reconnection with the integrity and bliss that are the very substances of life.  We felt supported and helped in this magic environment with an astonishing commitment.  As in “a course in miracles”: You and your brother are coming home together after a long and meaningless journey that you undertook apart and that led nowhere.  You have found your brother and you will light each other’s way.

Working with the maestras and maestros was a most rewarding experience, a precious gift and a great privilege- it made it possible to start anew, with a heightened sense of the beauty and value of our personal and collective vision.  Quoting the “course in miracles” again, it was easy and healing to fill, here at the Temple, that everything that happens is quietly measured by one where only there is your good.  Iraku, and blessings.

Matthew Bosward

I came to the Temple with multiple health issues that had been looked at for years and nobody could help me.  I felt drawn to this place because it provided itself as a healing retreat and it delivered plus a lot more.  This place has totally blown my life open and taught me so much.  The openness of the people that work here and volunteer and the people who come to drink was staggering.  I have made up friends and connected with people more than twice my age.

Ayahuasca is an extremely powerful medicine that has taken me to a level of spirituality and knowledge I thought I would never achieve in my life.  I believe my issues have been resolved and over time they will disappear.  It was truly a blessing to come to this place and the best decision of my life.  I don’t think anybody could come here without having their life profoundly altered.

Chandra Pearson

My heart is full of silence.  An empty heart full of light.  Thank you for your vision.  Thank you for letting me share your dream.  Thank you for allowing us to connect with these wonderful healers full of knowledge so sacred and so ancient and so powerful.  I honor the love and the healing I have received.  I will shine bright and spread the word.  Thank you for allowing me to become able to receive these angel wings to fly.  We are love.

Alsina Salimova

My experience was absolutely amazing. I’m very thankful to the temple and it’s team.  I’ve done my work.  I’ve clarified a lot of things which were the most important for me.  I feel renewed and happy.  I’ve never believed that something could affect and change me so deeply. Everything at the temple is organized with a lot of experience.  So thank you for that.  I felt myself safe.

Rory Freedman

My experience at the temple went above and beyond anything i could have ever dreamt up. The magic of the shamans is truly of another world and dimension.  And the energy of the staff is as beautiful as the jungle. I cannot wait to return to their heavenly realm.

Roberta Stampini

A very nourishing experience. I realise that some important understandings have come to me, in my inner systems, and I feel part of existence as never before. I´m very grateful and happy, absolutely happy in this moment. It was a journey from my childhood to my maturity as a woman. I could leave things that I don´t need anymore. I feel free from limitations that blocked the flow of my energy. Now I can feel my body clean and full of new energy. I could integrate pain with joy and that was wonderful. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Nikolay Novik

I got more than I expected from the workshop. The last two weeks were like living in a fairytale. I experienced true healing from the Maestras and Maestros. I see them as very kind doctors/healers and the Temple as a hospital.

Now I see my body as a Temple and I´m going to treat it accordingly. Ayahuasca is a true medicine that could be prescribed to anyone who wants to step into a healing journey. I experienced ecstatic states. Actually every ceremony was ecstatic for me. I purged a lot. Last ceremony was the most intense. I had some sort of exorcism. I feel great after all this. I am grateful to Matthew, Brian, Mateo, Becca and the Maestras and Maestros for the great work of light they do. Best wishes and good luck with all of your projects!

Alessandra Roncan

My experience at the Temple has been absolutely positive. I felt trust, love and care. The wisdom the Shipibo are sharing with us is something that will stay with me forever. I am so thankful with everybody and I will carry this gift back to Italy with me. The process is complete, I am fulfilled and in balance.I stood in wonder many times during the ceremonies. Thank you from my heart, healing has happened.

Stuart Townsend

There is no price I can put on my experience at the Temple. It’s as if I have found a great treasure I have been looking for my entire life. I am in awe at the healing work that takes place here. It has truly brought faith and wonder back into my life as well as profound healing. The world needs the Sacred Temple of Light. Its mission, vision and ethos as well as the profound transformative work that takes place here, is a beacon of hope and love.

I am blessed to have experienced the medicine, and offer my deepest gratitude. LONG live this Sacred Temple.

Daria Prysiaznisk

The experience at the Temple has been a profoundly life changing experience. Words cannot quantify how compassionate the Maestras, Maestros, staff and volunteers & everyone involved have been to support my spiritual & emotional growth here. Everyone’s commitment to the Temple & the healing process of each individual is truly amazing. I feel extremely honoured to have had this beautiful opportunity to expand my conscious awareness & grow into a clean, pure, light-filled, and flowing with love, soul.  I am in awe. Thank you so very much! Muchas gracias!

Imad Salloum

Words cannot express my gratitude. It changed the way I see the world, the way I see myself. My heart feels again what it has forgotten. I learned so much. This has been the start of a spiritual awakening for me.  The healers are without a doubt guides to abundance, wisdom, health and love. The care I received touched me deeply. They were gentle and loving with boundless compassion. They gave us so much!
I felt safe and completely supported throughout each ceremony. Tracy, Mateo, Becca, AJ and Mike were a blessing to have in the ceremonies. Intuitive and helpful. I leaned from them, they never wavered. This is an amazing crew. They are not only lovely people to be around but are great at what they do. Always available and guiding. I aspire to be more like them. I grew to love them and will miss them very much. The rest of the staff was amazing as well. Very helpful and friendly. Thank you!

Leanne James

My experience was amazing!! Fantastic!! Brilliant!! The healers were very deep, effective & so loving. The language barrier was never an issue. The course coordinators were really helpful – very experienced, caring and knowledgeable. Great atmosphere, awareness and they really enjoyed the job.

This has been a life changing experience. The whole process has taught me so much about myself – so much healing and self revelations has transformed everything. I really enjoyed the jungle walk and talk with Diogenes about making medicine. Everything was well structured and organized.  Can’t wait to come back. Thank you so much x

Naomi Athena Guzman Poole

I came to the Temple for a month. My intention was to transform & heal. I was blown away by the intensity that began even before I arrived. I felt I was being worked on as soon as I signed up. It was hard at first. I felt challenged, and volunteering I felt grateful but a bit out of place as the workshop began. All of that though was preparing me for my first ceremony.

I had no idea of the beauty & power of the medicine. I had so much heaviness & pain in my body that over the course of the month I began to release. I realized that the sacred intention and intelligence of ayahuasca is so powerful, one just needs to be around its energy in order to begin feeling the shift. Aside from incredible visions and insights into the Universe, I came to a deepening in the knowing that it truly is all love, and love has many forms.

Sometimes it is in the shape of death’s door guiding you into the afterlife, and sometimes it looks like the Sacred Lady in the Garden of Eden sharing stories of how we came to be. I am so grateful.
The Maestras and Maestros changed me in a way I have been dreaming of for too long…and the amazing part is it wasn’t nearly as difficult as living a life that is not authentic. I am breathing better than I have in years. My asthma has cured. My skin is healthy. My digestion is clean. I am resting in the knowing that I am sacred and I am so grateful. IRAKU!!

Fulvia Giannunzio

It’s difficult to say in a few words what these people and this place has done for me and what I realised I am able to do.  I heal what I was asking for which was an emotional healing as well as a physical one in this place I have been able to feel that we are all the source thing and the source thought.  I have been healed in my body by the icaros of the Maestras and the medicines, the diet, the immersion in the energy of the jungle.  Most of all I think healing comes from love and all the people who works here through the maestras to the staff put so much love in their job that becomes the real healing.

You can’t be so loved and well cared and remain the same. Love draws you up, rebuilds and enlightens you. I’ve been blessed also by touching the amazing group to work with we connected from the beginning and the whole workshop has been a pleasure.

I definitely will try to maintain the diet and the way of life I’ve learned here and I hope to come back soon.  Thanks so much to everybody.

Kristen Anderson

I came to the TWL in April 2010 for my honeymoon/first year anniversary with my husband.  Though we came as a couple, we were very much focused on our individual healings, which in turn would help us heal and deepen our connection as a couple.  Neither of us had taken ayahuasca before, though we had read a lot about it, have spoken with a few people about their recent experience, and have many years of experience with other psychedelics.  We felt that we had a small idea of what to expect, trying hard not to hold onto any expectations that we had.

Our time and experiences at the temple have been quite magical and deeply healing.  The ayahuasca ceremonies have at times been some of the hardest work I have ever completed but also some of the most profound.  Outside of the experiences in ceremony, the setting is so peaceful and relaxing allowing for lots of downtime and introspection, in order to integrate what has been accomplished with the ayahuasca.

I feel like I have shed so much and equally gained so much insight into my life. I look forward to going home and being a source of inspiration to others to explore their own healing path – hopefully here at the temple.  I am forever grateful for this blessing of an experience and I hope that I will make my way back here again and again!  Love light blessings and gratitude to all involved in making this a reality!  Thank you for existing!!

Susannah Harzmann

WHOW!  What can I say?!  Incredible 12 days are ending tomorrow and although I can’t wait to go home and incorporate some of the insights I got here into everyday life. I am also very sad to leave this incredible place and its wonderful people!

I wish more people would get the chance to experience what I have over this past workshop. It completely exceeded all my expectations in every possible way and I can’t begin to describe how eternally grateful I am for this experience of a lifetime. The unconditional love of the maestras/os showed to each and every one of us the crazy visions, deep insights will hopefully stay with me forever.

Thanks to all you fantastic people for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, love and incredible medicine.

Vicki Penninger

I have attended ceremony at two other locations and neither even began to compare with my experience here.  I felt so supported by the daily meds, the massages and the daily baths.  I knew if I had a concern it would be addressed by the wonderful maestras and maestros.  When there is a healer singing his/her heart out to promote your healing there is a powerful exchange of energy and you will never be the same again. Plant spirit medicine at its best.  I highly recommend the Temple for a spiritual experience of a lifetime.

Bridget Ferguson

It is hard to describe the gift I have received by spending 3 months at the Temple as a volunteer.  The temple is an incredibly powerful place.  I was called here by mother ayahuasca and I’m grateful that I heard and listened to the call.  My heart has been woven into the heart of this place and a part of me will always be here offering my love and receiving the love of this land, Temple and Mother ayahuasca.

The Temple feels like a womb, which has incubated me for 3 months, allowing more and more of me to emerge and blossom.  The ceremonies here have been deeply powerful and life changing.  I could not have imagined the challenges and gifts I received, and would not have believed before that I had the strength to endure and emerge into the woman I have become.  .  Death, rebirth, love, beauty, grief, agony, ecstasy…  The medicine and the maestras and maestros have taught me that I am love; they have taught me that it is not about me.  They have taught me how to serve selflessly and how to give everything that I am.
I have healed many layers of family grief, and helped my family to emerge into their power and wholeness.

I have so much gratitude for everything I have been taught and for all the love I have been given from mother earth, mother ayahuasca, the maestras/os, and from all the coordinators, staff and fellow volunteers.  Matthew and Klara -your vision is emerging with indescribable love and beauty.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


After having had a bad experience and serious violation during another trip to partake in ayahuasca ceremonies I contacted the Temple.  Matthew quickly replied to my email for help and guidance and reassured me that I could be healed.  I was hesitant and wary to believe… to trust that another violation wouldn’t occur.  The fact that the healers were predominantly women was what drew me to the temple and offered me the comfort to register for a 12 day workshop.

I was very touched that Matthew went above and beyond to ensure that I did not run into the other shaman who violated me and picked me up directly from the airport.  During the initial consultations with the maestras and maestros I shared with them what had happened to me.  They were visibly upset that such violation had happened and prescribed me personal sessions with them to repair the spiritual tear.  Between the sessions, the ayahuasca ceremonies, the love of the staff and the love of the group, I feel hopeful that the healing process is well underway.  I am so grateful for all that was done for me here at the temple.

Jesse Lowers

Experience of the Temple was amazing, profound, beautiful, kind, connective, in so many ways to numerous to mention some of which words don’t do justice to.  Life changing. The healers were true master weavers of their ART.  Their art is weaving the energies of the universe and yourself into alignment and harmony.  Each ceremony was so profound.  The medicine was so kind.  I am so grateful. I have been to the mountain top and now am descending to inspire all I meet to continue the journey there.
I have had the most amazing life altering experience more than I ever expected on all levels when I chose to embark on this adventure.

Scott Anderson

I came to the Temple of the Way of Light as an individual seeking a proper connection with myself, nature, humanity and oneness.  I wanted to fully grasp the true nature of reality behind the illusions of daily life.  I found everything I was looking for and so much more.  For the first time in my life I feel truly at peace with myself and have experienced love for humanity like I never dreamed.  My heart is so open and full of compassion and love as a result of this experience and I know it will only continue to grow.  I have found on this journey that what we think we need is not always so, and that what we expect is often far different from what we are shown, to simply to surrender to the present experience and allow it to happen, free of our control and direction is the only way we can see anything.

The maestras and maestros are some of the most profound healers I have ever experienced.  They maintain such high spirits and are so dedicated to our healing, I am eternally grateful for their presence and work. The ceremonies provided both a place to explore all realms: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, in utter comfort and safety and allow for truly deep healing to occur.

As a vegan I was perfectly satisfied with the food, and although the variety was not spectacular, the food was nourishing and delicious.  The staff were UNBELIEVABLE!!  All the workers were so so friendly and genuine.  I was blown away by the commitment the staff has for ensuring the guests feel perfectly at home.  Every request was fulfilled with a smile.

I am so thankful for my time at the Temple and cannot recommend it enough for anyone seeking truth, love, and healing on all the plains; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual come to the Temple of the Way of Light, you will experience yourself in ways you could never imagine.  Namaste.


My experience was beyond words…but to attempt it, it was very cleansing, healing and empowering.  Filled with growth and learning.  Everything ended in synchronicity. The maestras/os are incredible with vast healing experience and knowledge, so loving, nurturing and truly invested in the wellbeing of all participants. The ceremonies were powerful, filled with the magic of the shamans.  The medicine was different than I experienced in the past, different region produces ayahuasca with subtle differences.

The Temple of the Way of Light is an opportunity to completely change your life.  The maestras/os are incredible with vast healing experience and knowledge, so loving, nurturing and truly invested in the wellbeing of all participants.  My experience with the Temple was truly amazing.  This work has resulted in gifts and empowerment that I had not expected.  I will certainly be returning to the TOTWOL and hope to inspire others to also undergo this life changing work, as the benefits are priceless.

Dana Baggiani

Words cannot describe the shift in energy that’s taken place in my body since I’ve been here.  Peace – finally! I just want to extend my sincerest gratitude for allowing me the privilege to come to the temple.  Matthew, even though we’ve never met, I felt very fond of you from a distance.  Even with your busy schedule you always found time to respond to my emails.  Being last minute as it was for me, you were very accommodating.  Thanks again.  The medicine here was just what I needed, the icaros cannot be described in words, and they are treasures to the soul.  Anyone in extreme need of healing needs to come to the temple.  No doubt this is a life changing experience for me.  I see big things happening for the future here.  Only time will tell if I’m able to be a part of the growth and expansion that’s certain for the future here.
To all the maestros, maestros, staff and volunteers I send you warmth, love and light!

Garth Fielder

What an amazing time!  The Temple is positioned in such a beautiful setting and the people that look after you are amazingly caring and sensitive to what you are going through.  All this makes for a very safe environment to heal in.  Thank you to everyone that makes this place possible.

Matt Catley

The Temple of the Way of Light is such an amazing place – words are hard to find and hardly do it justice.  My experience there was unforgettable and life changing.  The volunteers, staff, facilitators, maestros and maestros are such fantastic people and really do make all the difference in the world.  They are some of the most helpful, friendly, caring, loving, knowledgeable and hard working individuals I have ever met. The facilities and accommodations are so perfect and fit right in with the beautiful back drop of the lush rainforest.  All of the daily activities (massages, yoga, floral baths etc) really help to create a relaxing and introspective twelve days.  Everything was kept clean and the food was delicious every meal.

It was really special to be witness to all of the deep physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing that happened for all of the participants.  I feel so blessed to have been able to take part in such a beautiful process. There really isn’t enough I can say about the Temple.  Their vision for the future is truly an inspiration and model that much of the world would benefit by paying attention to.  I will be taking my experience out into the world and I hope many more people have the opportunity to experience what I have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ari Hansen

Walking through the gates of the temple was walking through the gates of paradise.  I felt this energy rise with every step.  Waiting across the bridge were three wonderful little ladies dressed in bright coloured shirts and skirts that had patterns that look ancient.  Their smiles and warm hugs were the beginning of a time I will never forget.

Everything in here seems in harmony, the people who work here have this smile that shows the true contentedness of life, nothing unreal.  The staff here all have a very special presence that makes you want what they got.  The tambos are a fun cute little huts that I really enjoyed staying in although the constant high humidity left everything smelling mouldy.  The compost toilets I really liked. Over all the facilities and the area was well maintained.

All the ceremonies were well organised and held in a very safe, comfortable settings.  I never felt like I had to do anything I didn’t want to.  The maestros and maestros were amazing during the ceremonies.  Their icaros were the most beautiful and powerful songs I have ever heard.  The energy from each one was mind blowing and life changing. By far this has been the most intense, hardest and most beautiful memorable time I have ever had.  My life has shifted a long way to its better and I look forward to share my experience with people crossing my path and then making my way back here for more experience and learning.

Diane M Walker

I am writing this review to let everyone know what a fabulous experience it was spending a 12 day ayahuasca retreat at the Temple of the Way of Light.  I came to the jungle looking to settle some things within myself and to shake up some others.  I got what I was looking for and so much more.  Ayahuasca spoke to me and let me know in a big way how much healing power each one of us has right within our own selves.  The medicine, the maestros and maestros, the ceremonies and the ikaros are all catalysts to reach that deep inner place of health and well being.  It told me that I will never be the same.  I know this to be true.  Something large shifted within me releasing any heavy energies that weren’t serving me and leaving me with a sense of peace, confidence and surety that will stay with me forever more.  Also I experienced unconditional love from the maestros/maestros.  It was beautiful and that stays with me as well.

Jessica Forman

My heart is so full of the love and light I’ve received and discovered here.  It was like a deep feeling of “coming home” to the deepest recesses of my soul, to humanity and to this master teacher. The maestros and maestros are the biggest inspiration I have ever seen, experienced or heard of in healing.  Such dedication and pureness of power.  I feel speechless about their work in a most profound way. The ceremonies were none less than super powerful.  I had some experience with drinking before although very little.  It doesn’t surprise me that in the jungle where these teachers are native lies the best medicines and forms of healing.  I loved them!

The staff were out of this world!  Like a vortex of love and dedication that you’ve set up to attract the most beautiful, caring, intelligent beings (and I know you’ve worked hard).  The staff in all areas are superb and I just must say how special and hard working we all found the facilitators to be.  There is only realness and that is like a breath of fresh air.

The master plant teacher guides us in the ways we most need, in forms we may not understand at the moment, with intensities far more extreme than most humans have yet experienced.  I leave the temple of the Way of Light so humbled and so honoured with my work with this plant, with the maestros and with all the staff here.  I have seen, experienced and healed levels and aspects of myself I never knew existed in my conscious mind.  Realised these shadow sides we must go through and face really lead us to our most beautiful powers and strengths.

I leave here renewed in the deepest nooks and crannies of my soul, heart and mind for I had lost parts of these places in my life and I was functioning with holes.  These have been restored with the medicine, love and light here.  I felt a pop in my throat chakra during one ceremony where I know my authentic voice has come home.  There have been many downloads from places far beyond our plane of existence which I look forward to seeing arise in my life as I need them.  I felt generational healing for my family and so much more.  I know the real work and unfolding of this work now happens as we go out into the world as little rays of light and I can’t wait to see how we all have transformed!

I also came seeking guidance for more fulfilling work and your lovely facilitators had the eyes and heart to see me and guide me to a line of work I think I will find deeply enriching.  Thank you with all my heart and soul.

Kit Sanders

There are no words to describe this life changing experience.  Physical ailments are now non-existent.  Mental and emotional anguish has been removed.  So much has been altered in my life in only 12 days.  I feel at peace.  I feel ready to face the world and make it a better place.
Thank you all so much for this wonderful experience.  I will cherish it always…

Renee Barker

I came here very open and without fear. The whole experience was like a reward. My openness was an asset that was reinforced. And my fearlessness gave me huge payoffs. I was able to jump right in and knew I was taken care of.  Becca and Lucine are a tremendous asset and gift to the temple and the people who come.  For me an experience of a lifetime with results still to be seen or unfold like Christmas, a new gift every day. I am truly content and feel I can be calm in the midst of chaos.  Peace, joy and love can be had for all

Elizabeth Clements

This process is not for the faint at heart. No, this process is for the brave soul that dares to look beneath the surface and peer into those dark unknown places in themselves.  But if you are going to be one of those brave souls, Templo Camino de la Luz is the only place to go.  In my humble opinion, that is.  They do what is not easily done for the seekers that come to them.  They hold the space, beautifully, without ego, with love and a keen understanding that we are each on our own unique journeys, and that struggling through it can be supported but not done for us.  Here I feel that I lived and died and lived again, only to find another death-all in the service of deeper insight and understanding of how I want to be in the world. Thank you!

Arlene Moore

The experience was transformational, enlightening and grounding. The healers were professional, sacred, gracious, playful and highly attentive. The ceremonies were very well orchestrated, transcendental and transformational.

Being at the Temple was a transformational experience on so many levels. I was very satisfied with the accommodations and the food/meals.  The staff and volunteers were very friendly and always receptive to our needs and the needs of the group. And most importantly, the maestros and maestros were so caring.