Holding responsible ayahuasca ceremonies

Holding Responsible Ayahuasca Ceremonies

If it is your first time, it is normal to feel apprehensive although please rest assured that you will be protected. We will look after you throughout the ceremony (and afterwards if necessary). We start participants who have no experience with Ayahuasca on small cups, and slowly build up with each successive ceremony, carefully increasing the treatment. We ensure that we provide a warm, comfortable, secure and positive setting – creating a safe, sacred space for all the participants to heal and grow. The curanderos are experts in holding ceremonies according to the traditional practices of the Amazon basin, and we adhere to these ancient procedures to ensure safe ceremonies.

During the daytime, we work in a very friendly atmosphere and encourage you to relax. Although time alone in solitude in your tambo to reflect, connect and integrate the Work is critical, when we are together as a group, we like to keep the atmosphere light and happy, and never too solemn. The spirits prefer this; although, of course, they also require focus and seriousness at certain points.

For an hour before the ceremony and at frequent periods throughout the workshop, we actively encourage you to relax, meditate or carry out breathwork in peace and solitude.

After the ceremony, we often discuss the journeys we have returned from amongst ourselves, with the healers input – although we are very conscious that some people will simply want space to themselves, and are often not quite able to make conversation!

We provide a helper during the ceremony who is always at the edge of the maloka with a box of tissues and a torch on hand in order to guide you to the toilet if you are struggling. They are there to help and care for you when necessary, and are experienced in all that happens during an ayahuasca ceremony. Your welfare during the ceremony is very much cared for. Most importantly, the healers will be guiding you during the ceremony with their icaros, and are there to help you heal and grow.

There are a few things to remember for an easier time at the ceremonies:

  • Please ensure you bring a jacket and/or a blanket – the nights can be cold in the rainforest and it can be very distracting for your journey if you become cold;
  • Please wear long sleeves / trousers. Although we have mosquito netting, lone mosquitoes still have a knack of occasionally finding their way into the Temple and can also be a distraction to you during ceremony;
  • Please bring a flashlight / torch with you. If you need to use this to find the toilet, we kindly request that you try to beam the light through your fingers so as to not disturb other participants;
  • You may want to bring a bottle of water to wash your mouth out after drinking Ayahuasca. It is not advisable to drink water ideally during the ceremony as this is considered “heavy” and counter productive when working with Ayahuasca.

There are a number of important points of protocol which must be adhered to during a ceremony for your and everybody else’s benefit:

  • Gentle conversation before and after the ceremony is fine, although we insist that you do not talk (or sing or clap!) during the ceremony;
  • Please do not touch any one else during the ceremony unless they ask you to do so – this can affect people’s inner journey, and it is sometimes difficult to then re-immerse back into it (there are also some healers who advise against this because sickness / energies may “jump” from one participant to another);
  • Regular or constant movement can also be distracting to other participants – please try to avoid this;
  • Please note that during the ceremony, the curanderos may well come over to you to work on you personally – please do not be alarmed and be open to the healing they are giving you. They are being guided by ayahuasca and the spirit doctors, and will be working on your body, mind and spirit for your benefit.