Welcoming Adam Andros and Sophie Pinchetti to the Team

Posted: November 30, 2016
Category: From the Temple

We are very excited to announce that we have been joined by two fantastic and highly talented new long term volunteers -  Adam Andros and Sophie Pinchetti

Adam Andros

Adam is now working both as a communications coordinator for the Temple and research coordinator for the Chaikuni Institute. He is based at the Temple and will be focused on mainly on our permaculture, sustainable ayahuasca production, and eco-social enterprise programs, as well as supporting Matthew with general Temple communications, collaborations with research and academic institutions, and presentation of our work through media and conferences.  

Born in the urban jungles of Mexico City, raised mostly in Israel and having lived in 7 different countries, Adam naturally embodies interculturalism. A psychologist, cognitive scientist and medical anthropologist, he has also studied traditional systems of medicine in Mexico, India and Peru, adopting a dialectical approach that integrates and unites evidence-based science and traditional worldviews. He has worked extensively in western psychiatric institutions and has spent time learning from a variety of indigenous and traditional healers around the world, trying to understand the diverse manifestations. conceptualizations of and approaches to mental illness and mental health.

Balancing between research and practice, he is an active member of the “Medical Anthropology Research Center” (MARC), and the “Interdisciplinary Psychedelic Studies” (IPS) group, both in Catalunya, while sharing his extensive experience facilitating transformational processes in a variety of psychedelic support and harm-reduction projects around the world, such as the Kosmicare Project in Portugal or the Zendo Project in the United States.

Besides participating in a wide array of projects in the fields of permaculture, eco-building and community-based health in countries as varied as India, Belize or Peru, Adam is an advocate for cognitive liberty, neurodiversity and the integration of non-ordinary states of being into our culturally constructed definitions of normalcy and sanity, with a growing interest in the ecological and environmental dimensions of mental health and the importance of reciprocity, mutuality and interdependence to our well-being.


Sophie Pinchetti

Sophie is now working as communications coordinator for the Chaikuni Institute focused mainly on our human & nature rights and intercultural education programs and is based in Iquitos. She will be working closely with Sarah Kerremans, the director the Chaikuni Institute.

Raised between France, USA and the UK, Sophie is committed to harnessing the transformational power of storytelling and media for social change. Coming from a bi-cultural Franco-American background, Sophie was born in France and raised between Paris, New York and London.

Prior to joining the Chaikuni Institute in 2016, Sophie worked as a Communications Specialist working across journalism, marketing, photography, publishing, production and creative consulting for NGOs such as Survival International and diverse media including The Guardian, Purple Fashion Magazine, Vestoj – A journal of Sartorial Matters, and Reve en Vert. She graduated from the renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design with a Bachelors degree in Fashion Communication and Journalism. Sophie is also the Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of The Third Eye, an award-winning and internationally distributed magazine focused on alternative movements around the world.

They will both now be regularly sharing much more information about the work of the Temple and the Chaikuni Institute via our social media. 
Please join us in welcoming them both to our team.