Introducing Maestro Pedro

Posted: September 12, 2016
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We are very excited to announce the imminent arrival of a powerful new healer who is coming to the Temple in October called Pedro Sinuiri Bartra.

Maestro Pedro is a a true master of plant spirit shamanism; an Onánya, the Shipibo term for a traditional plant spirit healer, meaning one who has or is with wisdom. He is 69 years old and is the epitome of a committed, heart-based and highly qualified traditional Shipibo healer. His Shipibo name is Xanin-Wuni, which means, ‘A bird that wakes you up'!  And that is indeed what he dedicates his life to: Supporting the awakening of all people he works, through healing, connection and opening their path to realizing their highest potential.

maestro_pedroHe was born in the community of Sucre on the lower Ucayali River, and comes from a long line of Meráyas, the most revered and powerful level of healer in the Shipibo tradition. He was trained by his father and grandfather, both of whom were legendary Meráyas in their time. His grandfather gave him his 'Don', or energetic power, through various transmissions passed on to him from the age of one years old.

Maestro Pedro drank ayahuasca for the first time at eight years old, and has been working as a healer from the age of fifteen.  He has carried out plant dietas (plant-spirit medicine training) for decades and works with a huge variety of medicinal plants and trees.  He believes that well-being begins with a healthy and happy mind, and is a firm believer in the need to consciously keep all emotions and thoughts about one's self and others positive and clean.

He walks his talk, and has a delightfully positive and joy-filled personality.He is deeply connected to nature, to the jungle, and is filled with reverence and love for the world of plants. He is as comfortable hunting in the forest as he is working with the many maladies of the members of his local community, or simply passionately tending his vast garden of medicinal plants. We are honored and privileged that he wants to come and work with us at the Temple.

Maestro Pedro will be with us for our 13-Day and 3-Week Deep Immersion retreats in October.

Please stay tuned for an announcement in the next few days for a SPECIAL DISCOUNT that we are offering on upcoming retreats in 2016!

13-Day Yoga, Meditation and Ayahuasca Retreat
3-Week Deep Immersion Ayahuasca Retreat 

We hope to welcome you back to the Temple soon!