Working with Feminine Energy

Shamanic practices and ancient wisdom traditions from around the world have long revered and honored the Mother (in balance with the Father) for millennium – the Earth, the Great Mother, Pachamama. It is believed by many scholars that it was the eruption of violence as perpetrated by the newer, male dominated cultures that obliterated the peaceful, earth honoring ways of Goddess worship and paved the way for the stronghold of patriarchal modern belief systems and eventually the obliteration of the Goddess from religion, religious texts and teachings.


It is clear that there is much imbalance in the world at present. We live in a male dominated patriarchal society based on fear, oppression, and greed. Divine Feminine Energy has been heavily suppressed in the western world throughout our political and religious structures.

As we seek balance and peace on our planet, and in these times of deeply disturbing and often frightening world events, many of us are searching for what has been missing in modern life. We believe that the spiritual awakening that we are currently witnessing across the planet is an effect of the Divine Feminine being reawakened in each of us again and our reconnection with Mother Earth.

Divine Feminine energy is comprised of qualities such as love, understanding, compassion, nurturing, and empathy with others. Tenderness, gentleness, kindness are the aspects that the female Shipibo healers (Onanya Ainbobo) embody and this clearly shows through in the healing work carried out during our ayahuasca retreats at the Temple with ceremonies that are truly lead from the heart, not from the head.