Shipibo Ayahuasca Retreat Healing Center

Temple of the Way of LightThe Temple of the Way of Light was founded in March 2007 and has facilitated deep healing for over 4,000 guests. Our 12 day and 1 month ‘Deep Immersion’ ayahuasca retreats offer a compassionate environment and safe setting with healing facilitated by highly experienced indigenous female and male healers (Onanya) from the Shipibo tribe. 

We are located around two hours by boat and track from the jungle city of Iquitos in a beautiful jungle setting surrounded by the Amazon Rainforest. The Temple is situated on 175 hectares of grounds that are being developed and rehabilitated through a permaculture masterplan that combines food forests (mixed trees of Amazonian and tropical varieties), horticulture, aquaculture, fish farms, staple food production, medicinal gardens, nurseries, sustainable ayahuasca production and extensive reforestation projects.

The Temple consists of three separate centers: the main 12 day ayahuasca retreat center, the 1 month deep immersion center and the Chaikuni center (dedicated to permaculture projects). Each of the three centres are isolated from each other and operate individually, with no mixing of guests on different workshops / programs.

We are a community of over sixty foreign, local and indigenous people working passionately to facilitate profound healing for our guests and to regenerate both the local environment and further afield with outreach programs through our non profit organisations. Due to the high ratio of staff, our level of service and attention to our guests is exceptional.

Ayahausca Retreats

The work carried out at the Temple is focused on causal healing – reaching into the energetic root – of our guests health issues through the administration of plant spirit medicines of the Amazon. The Temple is open to anyone * who is seriously committed to healing their body, mind, emotions and spirit and who is looking for a deeper understanding of themselves and the spirit world that surrounds us all.

We hold 2 different ayahuasca retreats – 12 day ayahuasca retreats (with 7 ceremonies) or 1 month ‘deep immersion’ ayahuasca retreat (with 8 ceremonies over the month) – with Shipibo energetic massages (by a quimosti – traditional massage healer), floral baths (jain póiti), prescription of medicinal plants (rao) for specific conditions, a jungle walk to see the medicinal plants in their natural environment,  group / individual consultations with the healers throughout the retreat, accommodation, food diet tailored to working with ayahuasca, demonstrations of the Shipibo arts and crafts and transport from and back to Iquitos.

* Please note that there are some exceptions subject to a small number of physical conditions or potential medical contraindications. We use a medical questionnaire to screen for any potential complications.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

We provide potent and visionary ayahuasca not sourced locally but from deep in the rainforest in the Shipibo territories. The ceremonies led by our healers provide the greatest possible comfort, protection and support to participants. It is our commitment to provide the deepest healing possible during your time at the Temple, profound emotional integration, leading towards the opening of your heart and remembrance of your true self.

We honor and respect indigenous healing traditions of the Amazon which have evolved over thousands of years and offer a safe and protected administration of ayahuasca. Our healing work is rooted in particular to the Shipibo tradition. The Shipibo work with ayahuasca also as a nexus to bring into ceremony a myriad of other plant and tree spirits of the Amazon. Their encyclopedic knowledge of medicinal plants (rao) of the Amazon Rainforest allows them to heal a huge range of conditions. In the Shipibo tradition, the healing process is very much focused on cleansing and purifying the energy field which surrounds us, niwe in their language, which can pick up toxic energies from our environment and painful issues of our past. They do this through a synaesthetic healing process involving songs, perfumes and powerful energetic work.

The intention of our ayahuasca retreats is to provide the conditions and orientation to enable participants to work with ayahuasca in a comfortable, secure and positive setting – creating a safe, sacred space for everyone heal and grow. Our healers have from 20 to 60 years experience in holding ceremonies according to the traditional practices of the Shipibo tribe, and we adhere to these ancient procedures to ensure the safety and protection of our guests.