Our Vision…

We are currently witnessing an increasing number of people abandoning the mainstream religions who are not leaving simply because of atheist reasons. A wide-spread spiritual awakening is taking place – a new belief system is gaining acceptance among increasing numbers of well-informed and well-connected people transcending cultural, political and ethnic boundaries. Although these “new thinkers” still differ from general public consensus, increasing numbers of people who are more socially / environmentally aware and more spiritually focused are carrying more positive ideas and values slowly are influencing the ideas and trends in society at large.

water-sunsetThis new wave of creative / spiritual thinkers are conscious that if we continue to “carry out business” as we know it, western civilization may well collapse, taking the rest of the World with it. There is a growing sense of urgency coupled with a necessity for social, political and economic reform that will ultimately benefit everyone, not just the powerful and privileged. It is possible to observe shifts in dominant cultural patterns in society throughout history happening once or twice every thousand years. We are currently in a period of rapidly accelerating social change, although this time driven by high technology and a new system of worldwide communication (the internet) unlike anything ever seen before. The shift is inevitably happening far beyond the Western World and we may well be seeing the beginning of a considerable global movement towards spirituality.

However, it is also still obvious that the profound wisdom held by the shamans, mystics and esoteric belief systems has not yet been accepted by the autocratic institutions controlling the planets societies. Science, politics and economics have their roots still firmly planted in material, mechanistic ways of thinking. Science has for too long been solely based on the theories of the bastions of science such as Newton, Descartes and Darwin, although times are changing and we are now seeing ground breaking new discoveries, adding to the mechanical foundations of the past. Fortunately, new science on the fringe of the establishment is now pointing clearly to a new way of understanding the World around us. Scientific research into consciousness is opening up to complex and mysterious hypothesis about the way we think, the power of thought, life after death, higher dimensions, life force / energy (chi, prana, etc), alternate realities – many of the key elements acknowledged by the esoteric religions and transcendental practices of the shamans across every continent for millennia.

Vision for the Future

The vision of the Temple of the Way of Light is to provide the ultimate facility to work with ayahuasca and plant spirits of the Amazon affecting the deepest levels of healing possible. We aim to develop credibility and understanding in the West around the work with ayahausca and plant spirit healing in the Amazon and help with ongoing efforts for this ancient practice to become accepted by the mainstream as a highly valuable, beneficial and necessary healthcare system for us all.

Our goal is to help our guests to remember their deep and intimate connection with our Mother Earth. Through working with the powerful healing energies of ayahuasca and the plant spirits, we are able to support our guests in their process of re-membering and re-awakening to their true purpose. The core of our work is deep, intense and profound healing. Providing a facility where our guests can receive an intense and accelerated spiritual, emotional, mental and physical cleanse of their system releasing dense energies, from this and previous lifetimes, which hold their lives back. By helping our guests to understand that the difficulties they have experienced in their lives ultimately have been lessons along the path which after being released through the work of the medicine, they become catalysts towards re-birthing and reconnection with a higher perception and understanding of the world around them.

If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the World, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation… Lao-Tzu

jungle-tree-2Driven by guidance from the plant spirits, we are committed to reconnect our guests with (Mother) Nature, the spirit world and awaken their true selves. The Temple helps people to look through their hearts with more compassion and wisdom and to truly experience the real meaning of community – common unity with all of life around us. For those who are ready for change, ayahuasca and the plant spirits help to remove aggressive, intolerant, short tempered and negative tendencies by working through personal traumas, emotional problems, negative patterns and programs slowly transforming our minds and hearts to think in a more harmonious, balanced and positive way. Our work helps us to develop true self-respect, self-worth and ultimately self-love, building a better relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

Since 2007 we have been working with many people from around the world who have returned to their friends, families and communities with a deep connection with nature and a new perspective on life. We help people to move towards a way of living that is free from suffering, psychological manipulation, war, fear and anger returning back towards light and love. We aim to effect change by working with people of any race, religion, creed or colour, who can return to their home countries, transformed through the work carried out at the Temple sending out ripples of positive energy and hope, bringing balance to their families and communities, and learning to work in service for others and not for the “self”. To safely guide people who want to work with ayahuasca and support their spiritual growth, helping them meet and merge with their multi-dimensional selves and a collective of intelligence that exists in the past, present and future, beyond time and space, held within nature and deep inside each of one of us.

As more and more people are re-awakened and begin to raise their personal vibrations, they will anchor and attract more and more Light. As they grow in numbers, the “reality” that mankind has been so used to for thousands of years will eventually begin to change. In our own small way, our vision is to help our planet and make a difference…