Temple Of The Way of Light


The Temple of the Way of Light has been set up to provide true healing at the lowest cost possible whilst funding initially the development of the Temple infrastructure and then community based projects through our NGO. We believe, very passionately, that something unique and deeply relevant to the problems faced by the world today is being addressed at the Temple of the Way of Light, and invite you to become a part of it.

To build a world-class centre for traditional medicine, spiritual growth and the preservation of indigenous wisdom, we are always seeking donations from people who feel called to support us in our mission. Our current priorities are to improve the facilities at the Temple itself, and to fund community projects through our non-profit organisations - Alianza Arkana and The Chaikuni Institute of Permaculture.

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Our current projects, for which we would be very grateful for your support, include:

  • Building two fish farms to produce food for the Temple.
  • Building a larger kitchen.
  • Purchase of additional solar panels, batteries and a refridgerator.
  • Construction of a recreational area for guests to relax in during the day to maintain the maloka as a space only to be used for ceremonies / healing purposes.
  • Construction of further accomodation for staff and permaculture interns.

As soon as we have sufficient funding, we will also:

  • Open a plant diet centre for guests carrying out healing or learning dietas with medicinal plants.
  • Open a dedicated permaculture centre offering permaculture design courses with all practical work to be carried out around the Temple and in local villages.
  • Develop a self-sustaining eco-village with houses and plots for sale to those interested in living permanently or (semi-permanently) around the Temple and working with the Temple projects.
  • Purchase more land for agro-forestry, horticulture and staple crop production.

We have established a Peruvian NGO as a way to "give back" to the forest and people that are giving us and our guests so much through the work at the Temple. Alianza Arkana also has a sister organization set up in the US called The Arkana Alliance which is fiscally sponsored by a 501c3 in order for people in the US to make tax deductible donations.

There is an immense crisis here that most people across the planet are not aware off nor are they aware of the consequences to humanity if the destruction is allowed to continue. Over 75% of the Peruvian Amazon has been licensed to oil companies for exploration as well as other extractive industries who are escalating deforestation to dangerous levels. Transnational corporations are sucking the resources out of the Amazon with no foresight as to the dire consequences. These and other destructive practices based on profit-driven development models are dangerously threatening the world’s greatest rainforest.

Working by the principles that native peoples of the Amazon are its best stewards and that their knowledge and traditions are important for us all, Alianza Arkana is working to create and strengthen strategic networks at community, regional, national and international levels to call for change that protects and preserves the Amazon forest, its people, their traditions and their collective rights.

Arkana is a hybrid Amazonian word meaning “defense” or “protection.” Alianza Arkana (or The Arkana Alliance in English) means the Defense Alliance. We run community-based projects, field investigations, activism and strategic communications to bring attention—at local, national, and international levels—to the grave risks we all face if the destruction of the Amazon continues.

Our approach is to help communities choose their own model of development—one that is based on environmental sustainability and indigenous rights. We support indigenous peoples’ priorities and ownership of social and political processes so that they can develop successful strategies to defend their livelihoods, and ways of being in the world. We believe that indigenous peoples’ cosmo-visions, spirituality and social organization are central in protecting the forests they depend upon.

Within our various partnerships and programs, we are also proposing viable alternatives, by empowering the indigenous people of the region based on models of sustainable development.


Our work was recognized by the Peruvian government in December 2011 by winning the National Award from the Ministry of Environment for Environmental Citenzenship in the category of Community Participation.

Our work is concentrated in four main areas:

  • Environmental justice and human rights
    We partner with human rights lawyers and other legal support organizations to advocate indigenous rights and environmental justice. We raise national and international awareness about environmental issues in the Amazon, to end the pollution, deforestation, and other forms of unsustainable development that destroy communities and their ability to live on their lands.
  • Community-based solutions
    We implement sustainable development projects that offer clean, appropriate and long-term alternatives to polluting waste management practices. We pilot programs that integrate recycling, compost, and other sustainable practices within local communities.
  • Intercultural Education
    We support innovative, intercultural educational projects in communities throughout the Peruvian Amazon founded on indigenous traditions and conservation ethics. Our projects integrate indigenous knowledge with the best contemporary science and practices to strengthen cultural identity, cultivate leadership and reinforce a sustainable worldview founded on tradition and respect for nature.
  • Preserving Indigenous Traditions
    Shamanistic traditions and ancient knowledge of plant-based healing practices, remedies, and spirituality is at risk of disappearing as more people are leaving their villages for the cities. We sponsor the development of projects to foster the active preservation of traditional knowledge combined with the best practices of Western medicine, development and education.

For more information, please visit the Alianza Arkana website